The next war is coming, for sure

It is a certainty that in the near future a great war will break out. There are many convincing arguments for this proposition, e.g.:

  • our planet is overcrowded. That means more aggression
  • the purchasing power of the middle class is declining
  • the division between rich people and the poor increases constantly
  • the situation in most islamic countries and in black Africa is hopeless
  • war has always been present in the last 10.000 years of human history.

Which countries are the most powerful?

  • The United States because the army is strong and experienced
  • Russia which has furthermore a strong leader
  • China has an enormous army and a leader with supreme power
  • Turkey has a strong army, is a very nationalistic country and his leader dreams to restore the Ottoman Empire.

Which countries are weak?

  • The European Union with no real army, no true leaders and a bureaucracy which is characterized by indecisiveness 
  • The Arabian countries
  • Africa

What can we expect?

First of all, some tragic event must be the trigger of widespread aggression. Europa will be taken by surprise by Russian troops in a sort of blitzkrieg. The United States will take no action because this country has nothing to loose and does not want to take the risk of a nuclear war. Moreover the United States criticizes the European Union for neglecting his defence during the last decades. Turkey seizes the opportunity to occupy the Middle-East as far as Morocco. Possessions of wealthy oil sheiks are confiscated and allocated for a Marshall plan for the Middle East. The new European Confederation, with Russia included, makes a deal with the Ottoman Empire  to recolonize Africa so that the African people can live in peace, prosperity and welfare. China watches on, takes no initiative except for empowering his authority in Asia. The United States accepts the Chinese strategy and focuses his foreign policy to take power in Latin America.

There is a chance that this wars will not lead to many casualties. But if some leaders, such as the choleric French president Macron or the  unpredictable Donald Trump, react vehemently against the Russian conquest, then an human-initiated Apocalyps could break out. In the other case Europe, the countries in the Middle-East and in Africa will undergo resigned the new political situation. The Russian and Turkish armies will not encounter much resistance.

juliaan van acker, march 19th 2018

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