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Is it government hysteria about the coronavirus?

In China, there are 3,176 deaths from the corona epidemic. That is at one and a half billion inhabitants. In Italy, with 60 million inhabitants, there are 1016 deaths to date. In fact, those are negligible numbers. In addition, it usually concerns elderly people who were already sickly. For most infected people, it is only a mild flu.

Perhaps it is therefore better not to take measures. The economic disaster will then fail to materialize. Education has no interruption.

No politician would dare say such a thing. The media would attack him relentlessly and the public anger cannot be predicted. But perhaps it's all hysteria at this time of social media, where stupidity is triumphant. No politician can deviate from what appears to be politically correct.

What will be the consequences of a most likely economic recession? Who will Be the scapegoats? Is there still money for the reception of all those asylum seekers? Is there still money for all those immigrants who live on benefits? I hold my heart.

Maybe what I propose in my book, "The best century ever: How to prevent the 21th century from being a repeat of the previous one?" is not surprising. Then the pandemic can still turn around and people will know how to deal with each other sensibly and in solidarity.

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How long will it be before mankind will realize that there is only one solution to reverse the climate crisis or not to make it worse? That only solution lies in a radical restriction of our consumer behavior. However, that limitation is very difficult. People do not want to leave a system where they have lived happily and prosperously for so long. Moreover, it would undermine one of the foundations of the modern welfare state, namely economic growth. Enormous unemployment would result.

I believe, however, that we could live even happier with a very sober lifestyle. As an example I take an abbey that is self-sufficient. A close-knit community lives there, who, in addition to the necessary work they perform, pay particular attention to what the monks experience as the most meaningful. Monks are therefore usually very happy. They live long and are a source of inspiration for many people.

By analogy with the abbeys, every village, every city, every region and every country should be self-sufficient. This applies not only to food, but also to the production and maintenance of the goods that are necessary for a healthy life. Everyone contributes to agriculture, horticulture, production and maintenance, just like the monks in the abbey. The abbot also works in the pig stables. There are no unemployed, because there is enough work.


The explosive mixture of Enlightenment and Islam (published January 2020)

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