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Europe must be declared as a Judeo-Christian civilization

If my proposals and advice are not followed, Europe will become hell in the short term; then the 21st century becomes a repetition of the horrors of the 20th century.

In many texts on this website and in my last book ’The best century ever’, I have made clear what we should aim for in Europe. Europe must first and foremost be declared as a Judeo-Christian civilization. Judeo-Christian ethics, - described in the Ten Commandments and in the Sermon on the Mount -, are the foundations of law, politics, economics and social relations. Of course there is room for humanists and atheists who grew up in European civilization.

Europe must become a confederation of sovereign states. Russia and Israel are part of it. This will be the new world empire as an example of civilization for the entire world.

All immigrants who are not from Europe, and their descendants, return to their countries of origin. There they will strive to build up those countries, with support from Europe. This is the only way to achieve peace, well-being and prosperity in the Islamic countries and in black Africa.

We are moving quickly to these developments. There will be an extreme recession with very high unemployment, the consequences of climate change will become uncontrollable, new pandemics will lead to desperation. The people of good will will do everything in their power to ward off Evil. It will then become clear to everyone that what I propose is the only way not to give Evil a chance. In the end, the 21st will be the best century ever, but then you have to listen to me.

Morality was not made up by humans

Something went wrong with Christianity. There were rational reasons for saying goodbye to the Church. However, the child was thrown away with the bath water. By "child" I mean the power which motivates people to adhere to fundamental values. It is easy to break a law chosen by man. These laws are, incidentally, relative and time-bound. Basic commandments and prohibitions cannot simply be ignored or violated.

Western civilization is founded on commandments and prohibitions that were formulated in the Bible many thousands of years ago. That is the true and only meaning of the Judeo-Christian foundation of our civilization. There God was mentioned as the One who revealed the commandments and prohibitions to the people.

By rejecting God, there is a chance that the basic commandments and prohibitions will also be rejected. That means the end of Western civilization.

If we are to prevent this disaster, it is not about people repenting, returning to the Church, or confirming their faith in God. It is about rationally accepting that the basic commandments and prohibitions are not made up by people themselves. There is a Higher Power that calls on people to behave "humanly".

The biblical commandments and prohibitions do indeed make people human. It is about loyalty in relationships, about respecting the rights and property of other people, about unconditional and unselfish love, about forgoing violence. If these commandments and prohibitions are not complied with on a large scale, this will have disastrous consequences for politics, the economy and interpersonal relations. How bad the latter is, for example, we see in the enormous number of marriages that end in divorce. The destruction of nature is also proof that we have no respect or responsibility for what we did not create ourselves, but that it has been given to humanity. By whom?

But how are people motivated to adhere to Biblical values?

If we are to be able to manage the consequences of climate change or live with constantly emerging epidemics, we will have to show great solidarity. The biblical commandments and prohibitions are necessary and fundamental for this.

The secularization can eventually lead to a man-made Apocalypse. I'm breaking my mind about how to avoid that. Man has been capable of the Holocaust, even in the most civilized and Christian country. These and all the other horrors in the world are completely opposite to the Bible's message. If we want to avoid repetition, we must put the Higher Power that has revealed the commandments and prohibitions at the center of our lives. The Church can help us with this, but as individuals we must do it in our personal lives. The first thing we can do is to take the study of the Bible seriously again, because without the wisdom of the Bible we would be lost as Western civilization.

(May 30, 2020) 


The corona pandemic: the blackest scenario

We need to be prepared for the worst, while pursuing a consistent policy to turn the tide and maintain hope that things will turn out well. However, with covid-19 we are at great risk. The virus has spread all over the world. Mutations can occur anywhere, which makes developing a vaccine very difficult. In the worst case, the virus mutates into the most deadly infection. Then, as at the time of the plague or of cholera, thirty percent or more of the population will die.

In the darkest scenario, society is about to burst. The millions of unemployed and all those distraught people need only a single spark and rebellions are breaking out everywhere. Governments are obliged to focus on the most necessary amenities. Not a cent is spent on asylum seekers, illegal immigrants or other refugees. These people are no longer certain of their lives during popular uprisings. There must be drastic cuts in all sectors, so that ultimately only the native population has rights. Each country is exclusively intended for citizens who feel connected through centuries of history and common values.

The powerlessness of governments is becoming increasingly hopeless. Nobody dares to take the necessary measures. The police and the army are obliged to carry out a coup in order to maintain order. This starts in France because the police have been fighting a war in the no-go zones for years and are deeply frustrated by all those politicians who are looking away. Other countries will follow. Hungary and Poland declare their solidarity with the coup plotters in France. The army occupies part of North Africa. That is quite easy because the Arab armies are powerless. An airlift to that area is established to transfer all unwanted, illegal and criminal aliens to Africa. From there, they have to figure out for themselves how to return to their countries of origin.

Meanwhile, the struggle continues in Europe. Citizen committees are established everywhere to create so-called networks of solidarity. Citizens help each other for the basic necessities of life. Agriculture and horticulture are given priority to become as self-sufficient as possible. Volunteers who provide help, where necessary, work in the networks of solidarity. Nobody needs to be unemployed, because every citizen, according to her or his talents, can contribute to a network of solidarity. Some work in the care sector and education, others perform odd jobs or work in biodynamic agriculture. There will be a basic wage for everyone. Those who enter into a traditional marriage and start a nuclear family receive extra financial support.

Young adults perform two-year conscription duties with the police, military, or customs. This allows the national borders to be perfectly controlled. Not a single package or container escapes customs control. The army is ready to fight against hostile internal groups or in the event of an attack from outside. The police are present in every district and in every village, so that crime and nuisance are drastically reduced.

The ultimate result could be that Europe becomes a world power and a shining example for the whole world. It may well be that the immigrants who have returned to the Middle East and black Africa take responsibility for their own country, so that peace, well-being and prosperity will also be achieved there. Perhaps the European networks of solidarity will operate internationally to assist countries in developing a dignified society where necessary.

Is the blackest scenario perhaps necessary to make the 21st century the best century ever? 

 juliaan van acker, May 15, 2020, my last essay: ’The best centsury ever' (click or image in the right column)

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