The imperative mutation of humans: the 4th Superpower

Unknown 09.59.20

We ought to be prepared for inescapable events, for which we can take preventive measures if we choose for a radical new world order. It is unacceptable that countries, even poor ones, spend so much money on arms race. Some day that will end in disaster. It is immoral that the distribution of wealth in and between countries is so inequitable. It is insane that humans act so irresponsible towards the resources of planet Earth, on which future generations must have the right to live in safe and healthy conditions. It is inadmissible that countries with an inherently violent culture dispose of nuclear weapons. For all these reasons we have the plight to strive for a radical new world order in the short time. A revolution is needed, but this will not be possible without a mutation of humans.

But how to start a revolution, which must be non-violent? How can billions of people become motivated for a radical new lifestyle? Only a small group of people is mainly responsible for the above-mentioned dangers and for the unfair distribution of wealth. But this small group is very powerful. This people dispose of the capital. They control the media and the army. During the whole human history a small group has always oppressed others in every town, in every country and in every empire. The main cause of violence, war, oppression, extortion and slavery can be attributed to these small groups.

We can never defeat this powerful group, not only because we advocate a non-violent revolution. But we can undermine the power of this people by completely ignoring them. We can make them powerless if we decide to spend hardly any money, e.g. by limiting our purchases to what is vital. We can choose not to travel abroad and to spend our leisure activities with our family and our friends. This fundamental attitude equals a radical mutation of humankind and it can make an end to injustice and to the everlasting cycle of war.

This mutation can be defined in ethical-philosophical terms as a change from egocentrism towards ’other-directedness’; that means that the subject is not primarily oriented towards the fulfillment of his own needs, but towards the needs of other people. Emmanuel Levinas has said: ’For the other, despite myself, from myself’. The ego is at the service of the Other (Levinas wrote it with a capital). The subject is conscious of his infinite responsibility for his neighbours, for people far away in developing countries and for the future generations who will live on the planet that we will leave behind us.

The implication of this mutation is a society in which the people behave on a responsible way towards the Other and towards nature. In every town, every village, in every community they will strive towards a self-sufficient environment. Our needs can be limited to healthy food, warmth and a safe house. These conditions are the ground on which a ’network of solidarity’ can be build. In this network people are attached with each other and solidarity with those in need is high. Some networks of solidarity are active on a local level, others on a societal level and large networks are working on an international scale for the well-being of people in developing countries.

If billions of people choose for this lifestyle, a radical new world order will emerge. In every place we can find creative and inventive people who can realize a more responsible way of life. At the same time, we must prevent that some people or a group of people obtain to much power for their own profit.

Europeans and Muslims can be pioneers when the mutation in lifestyle takes place. The Judea-Christian fundament of Europe is essentially an appeal for love and responsibility towards our neighbors. Muslims from Europe can realize peace, well-being and welfare in their countries of origin, with the help of Europe. An alliance can be build between Europe and the Islamic countries around the Mediterranean. This alliance or treaty of friendship will be a fourth superpower. A superpower which will bring peace and justice all over the world, especially and first of all in Africa. 


Juliaan van acker, emeritus professor, octobre 8th 2018.  


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