apocalyps now

An enormous cloud of methane rises over Greenland and moves toward the east coast of the United States. This cloud become fused with toxic gas from industry and transport. A deadly hurricane arises which dissipates oxygen from the atmosphere. One hundred thousand people die a horrible death by suffocation.

Then the hurricane changes direction toward Western Europe. Panic all round. People are running away in terror, from north to south, from west to east and vice versa. Traffic is completely congested. Soldiers occupy airports and railway stations in order to halt bloodbaths. The toxic cloud comes closer and closer. People know that there is no way out. Many repress their anxiety in orgies and excessive drinking. Dead drunk people are lying in the streets. Other people are seeking refuge in churches, where they are praying passionately for salvation. So-called prophets pretend to have seen the Christ. Many find comfort in this belief and are resigned to their coming fate.

One week later, one hundred and fifty million Europeans have died. Belgium and the Netherlands, Northern France and West Germany are almost empty. It is a phantom landscape with rotting cadavers everywhere.

One year later: in all continents survivors have assembled in small and medium-sized communities. Their main activity is centered around farming, horticulture and cattle breeding, but in the most ecological way. There is no animal suffering. Priority is given to traditional methods so that many people find their job in these sectors. People are satisfied with the current state in medical and technological advancement. Updates are no longer needed.  The life span of devices is very long. There is no more a division between rich and poor people, because all men are brothers and sisters. There are no more powerful people and oppressed people, since everyone is at the service of his neighbor. Priority is  given to social and cultural activities. People are living in peace, justice and good stewardship for the planet Earth. Nature recovers in a wonderful way. Old landscapes are restored. Humankind has learned from the recent calamities and they know how to live a decent life.

( Is this a true story or a plausible prediction? Well, all these is happining now, but in slow motion)

juliaan van acker, Antwerp, March 12th, 2018

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