The foundations of the European civilization


Refering to the Christian roots of the European civilization irritates many people. Christianity nowadays is associated with paedophile priests, the pageantry in Rome, fighting monks in churches in Jerusalem, stupid superstition in places of pilgrimage, stinking rich pastors with a decadent lifestyle, and so on. But this is throwing the child out with the bath water.

True Christianity means a certain lifestyle characterized by:

  • compassion and care for poor and vulnerable people, for orphans and widows
  • unselfish engagement for the well-being of other people, regardless of their ethnicity, belief or nationality (that means an economy without love of lucre)
  • unconditional love (divorce is therefore no option)
  • self-denying (such as the deeply religious Christian French policeman who took the place of a female hostage and who was murdered cowardly by a Muslim).

True Christianity is therefore not a question of confession of faith, or of believing in the existence of God, or of the acceptance of a credo or attending religious services. A true Christian is someone who lives at the service of other people, regardless of their origins or characteristics. His love for his neighbors is unconditional and unselfish. This attitude to life has founded Europe as it is now. Countries like the Netherlands or the Scandinavian countries are the best examples of how a Christian lifestyle makes the world a better place to live. In these countries corruption is nearly nonexistent; people with different convictions about life don’t kill each other; social services in Northern Europe are unique in the world; politicians are decent people who do not abuse their position of power; there is no honor killing and the rights of women are in these countries better respected than in all other places of the world.

That means that Christian values have a real significance in the policy and in the social relations in these countries. There are of course sometimes some counterexamples. e.g. when bankers grab excessive premiums or when employers exploit their employees, but these people give not a damn for the ethical principes of our European civilization.

A second foundation of the European civilization is critical, scientific thinking. That was and is the basis for unprecedented scientific and technological accomplishments. Thanks to medical achievements nobody dies in heavy pain and life expectancy has never been so high. Technology has opened endless possibilities for humans. Thanks to relentless critical thinking our psychological and philosophical insights have never been so deep and comprehensive.

But it is crucial that a Christian attitude and critical, scientific thinking are combined. Science without belief entails greed and provoked the ecological disaster and the arms race, and in some circumstances it leads to totalitarianism. On the other side, Christian belief without critical thinking paves the way for magical thinking, hypocrisy and modern forms of the inquisition such as political correctness and self-implied censorship by the media in reporting about islam.

Two conclusions:

  1. The future of the world and the preservation of life on our planet Earth will depend on a strong Europe which protect the foundations of its civilization. Europe must be a model for the world, not in the sense of implying by force its own norms and values, but as a model which inspires other people.
  2. Islam undermines the Christian roots of the European civilization because it is a religion which strives towards world domination, if necessary by violence and terror. Islam obstructs critical thinking and this is the cause for cultural stagnation during eight centuries. Muslims will and can never integrate in Europe. A return to the countries of origin will become unavoidable, but the Europeans can help them in reconstructing their own civilization.

A possible picture of the future: there are no more gory terrorist attacks in Europe. There are no more getto’s where white people feel not at home in their own country. There is peace, prosperity and well-being in islamic countries from Turkey to Morocco. Moslims have a good life in their beautiful countries of origin. All children can go to school. Hospitals are well equiped with excellent doctors and nurses. Unemployment is low and there is a system for social security for those in a precarious situation. When all these will be accomplished in the islamic countries, then an alliance with Europe will lead to a new world power which will promote respect for ethical norms and values. That means that the aim of economic activities is to make an end to poverty and misery in the world and the aim of politics is not a struggle between opponents, but an common project to bring peace, well-being and prosperity for all.

Prof.dr. Juliaan van Acker, March 2018 (

I have written three books (in Dutch) about this subject:

[ The high treason of the European Union: Why ethics can save Europe] Acker, J. van (2016). Het landverraad van de EU: Waarom ethiek Europa kan redden. Groningen: Uitgeverij De Blauwe Tijger (LINK)

[ A Muslim-free Europe for world peace: In solidarity with the countries of origin] Acker, J. van (2017). Een moslimvrij Europa voor wereldvrede: Solidair met de landen van herkomst. Amazon.  

[A treaty of friendship between Europe and the Islamic countries: The only way to prevent the Apocalyps] Van Acker, J. (2018). Het Europees-Islamitisch Vriendschapsverdrag:De enige weg om de Apocalyps te voorkomen(323 pp) (. Ministrando LINK)

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