The future of Europe lies in Russia

In times of war it is almost impossible to obtain an objective picture of the adversary. Fortunately there is the British weekly The Economist , because the capitalist readership does not like nonsense such as idealism, sentiments and ideologies. The Economist simply describes how the fork is handled so that the readers can adjust their investment strategy. The March 25 issue attempts to gain insight into Putin's worldview, insofar as this is possible with this withdrawn, enigmatic former KGB member. In this contribution, I want to use this as a thought experiment to outline a future picture for Europe. The fact that all kinds of holy houses are being trampled on is a consequence of the freedom that is necessary for any experiment. This is only intended to encourage the reader to substantiate or possibly adjust his own point of view even better.

In a recent speech at a Moscow stadium, Putin quoted Fyodor Ushakov as saying that "the storms of war lead to the glory of Russia." Ushakov was an 18th century admiral who never lost a naval battle and recaptured Crimea from the Turks. Beatified by the Russian Orthodox Church in 2020, he is the patron saint of nuclear-armed bombing aircraft. The patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill, called Putin's presidency "a miracle from God." Putin will protect Russia from the horrors of gay pride and other forms of Western decadence. Russia must remain a Slavic civilization, characterized by a shared ethnicity, religion and history.

It is essential that in Putin’s mind a holy war is waged. This makes the current war situation doubly dangerous. It is also about the salvation of civilization and of the heritage that was lovingly built by previous generations in a spirit of sacrifice. This pursuit is so dangerous for the West, especially because secularization and the multicultural society have undermined the foundations of our civilization. What our ancestors realized is increasingly portrayed in an unfavorable light. One should not be proud of our own ethnicity, the white race, because white supremacy.

It is conceivable that some Europeans want the same for Europe as Putin wants for Russia. However, this dream is nipped in the bud as Western politicians and media do everything they can to portray Putin as a corrupt, thieving and ruthless mob boss. Whether this demonization of Putin is true I cannot judge, although I wonder what the difference could be between Russian oligarchs and the super-rich in the West. However, it seems that Putin, after a long period of secluded life, has converted and now sees himself as the possible savior of Mother Russia, who has the blessing of the patriarch. If he doesn't act too crazy now that the invasion of Ukraine does not live up to expectations and if he succeeds in convincing many in the West of his sacred mission, strange things could happen.

It's not that strange. Before the invasion of Ukraine, right-wing politicians in several European countries flirted with Putin. In him they saw a possible ally to save European civilization, at least for what they saw as salvation. Also, the right-wing parties tend to see Christianity as the main pillar of European civilization. Now suppose that circumstances become so dramatic that a majority of Europeans yearn for salvation, then a 'Holy Alliance' with Russia is the obvious choice.

I don't want to be a doomsayer, but one example shows objectively that a drama is unfolding on a global scale. According to the latest IPCC report, it will be decided in the next few years whether the effects of climate change, already severe in some parts of the world, will lead to a global disaster. Especially with the war in Ukraine, the uncertainty about the energy supply and the colossal arms race, almost nothing comes of the climate agreements made, even coal is once again seen as a solution. After every agreement in the recent past, CO2 emissions have increased and that will now even accelerate. So it's too late.

Corona, the war in Ukraine, soon new natural disasters with possible food shortages, industries that have to be shut down and a dramatic decline in purchasing power: all ingredients for revolutionary times. Here lies the opportunity for a visionary who poses as the savior of the homeland. Putin has said he wants to save the soul of the Russian people and give the Orthodox Church a central place in the state. The dramatic times we live in can bring people to their senses, leaving room for more spirituality.

If a Holy Alliance is formed as a confederation of the countries between the North Sea and Vladivostok, a new world power will arise, inspired by Christian ethics. This will result in less materialism, which is the most efficient weapon against climate change, and more (Christian) solidarity. This global power will enable a new world order where Muslims will receive the solidarity-based cooperation to enable peace, well-being and prosperity in Islamic countries and where the vast and untapped human potential in black Africa will have the best opportunities. In the current world order, the migratory flows of millions lead to no solution in the countries of origin and to a disruption of the host countries with housing shortages and unaffordable social services. In the new world order, the world becomes one big network of solidarity between sovereign countries, each cherishing their identity, their traditions and religion.

Could the war in Ukraine still lead to something good?

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