The Holy Alliance: Europe, Russia Israel

The Holy Alliance 

The Holy Alliance is a confederation of sovereign states united by a common constitution and making good agreements with each other for peace, well-being and prosperity for all citizens.

This alliance includes all countries of Europe, the part of Russia up to the Strait of Bering and Israel.

The Constitution of the Holy Alliance makes explicit reference to Judeo-Christian ethics as its foundation.

This ethic means that politics is intended to bring peace to the world, that economics is to eradicate poverty and misery, and parenting and education have the main goal that children become good people who learn to take responsibility for other people and nature. 

Politics from a Judeo-Christian point of view is not seen as a struggle between opponents, but as a joint project to bring peace, well-being and prosperity to the world. Politics aimed at bringing peace means that other political parties are not seen as adversaries to be fought, but as equal partners with whom the dialogue continues.

An economy to eradicate poverty and misery means that there are no longer extremely rich people and that income, including the proceeds of movable and immovable property, is set at a maximum. In accordance with Judeo-Christian ethics, wealth is seen as a means to allow the poor and weak in society a dignified life. Everything that is earned above the maximum goes to a solidarity fund.

The adults inspire the younger generation by contributing on a voluntary basis to networks of solidarity. These networks are intended to offer help where possible, starting in the own circle of people who feel connected to each other. Solidarity extends to one's own nation and to countries that need support, making use of the solidarity fund. The help is very diverse, for example as tutoring for students who need it, contributing to informal care, performing urgent jobs, helping with biodynamic agriculture, restoring old landscapes, development work, and so on.

From the age of 18 or after their education, all young people will complete a two-year military service with the army, customs or police. As a result, there is sufficient security in every hamlet, the borders are well guarded and all imports are controlled so that drug smuggling and illegal immigration is virtually impossible.

During military service, the young people also learn a second profession (technical, for the care sector, for education) so that they can contribute to networks of solidarity during and after the military service.

There are no more unemployed, because everyone can contribute to the networks of solidarity. The problems in shortage occupations disappear thanks to those who have learned a second occupation during the military service.

The foreign policy of the countries that are part of the alliance is characterized by a positively stimulating approach. These countries do not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, not even with regard to human rights. The emphasis is on the positive that each country has to offer and about which exchanges can be organized (culture, sport, science, technology,…).

Muslims in Europe are encouraged to return to their countries of origin. There they can contribute to the construction of those countries with solidarity assistance from the Alliance.

In a next phase, the Islamic countries together with the Holy Alliance will bring peace, well-being and prosperity to black Africa.

The countries of the Holy Alliance by their example will inspire the world for ethical politics, economics and social policies.

(first version February 28, 2022, update March 24, 2022)

Perhaps a catastrophe is necessary to bring humanity to its senses and return to normal life, this is the family, the people with whom we feel connected by blood relationship, by a common history centuries long and by common norms. A humanity that is focused on the meaningful. A spiritual civilization where man continues to search for the divine, where man is open to infinity. A humanity that cherishes the wisdom of the Bible and is inspired by it in politics, in the economy, in social interaction and in education.

If that catastrophe comes, we should not see it as a punishment from God. We do it to ourselves. If there is a Flood as a result of climate change, then we are partly the cause of it. The Tower of Babel that ended in total chaos: we are well on our way.

We should not see heaven or hell as the places where we end up after we die. Whoever has done evil, who has stolen, who has been unfaithful or who has dropped his partner, who has deliberately mutilated or killed someone, must continue with the realization of this in all eternity (as a soul, as a spirit,...). He who has done good, who always gave priority to the Other, who sacrificed himself for others, who is faithful in love and sorrow, will be eternally blessed. That is the biblical wisdom I just referred to. The catastrophe should awaken us again to the infinite wisdom of the Ten Commandments.

All this is not just a matter of faith. The point is that man goes further than what his reason tells him, or rather, that he continues to search for the basis of his reason. Biblical wisdom provides the way forward and a firm foundation for reason.

Covid19, Russian aggression, mass immigration, climate change: Can we survive this?

This idea described below for a Holy Alliance with Russia seems silly, now that Russia has unleashed a war in Ukraine. Yet it will depend on this alliance whether there is still a future for us. I want to demonstrate this with two arguments:

(1) There are several potential hotbeds in the world and thousands of nuclear weapons are stored. One day these weapons will be used with fatal consequences and possibly also nuclear counterattacks.

(2) After each treaty or agreement on climate change, CO2 emissions have increased in the following years. That increase will certainly continue for the next ten years or more. By then, according to the latest IPCC-report it will be too late and the effects of climate change, which are already very serious in several parts of the world, will increase exponentially, creating new tensions and thus increasing the risk of nuclear war.

The risk is not imaginary that the white race will exterminate itself. That's because the West has abandoned Christianity. Christianity stands for charity, mercy, self-sacrifice, forgiveness, guilt and obedience to the Ten Commandments. With this ethic, humanity can be saved and a higher level of civilization can be reached. That has been the vocation of the West for 2000 years.

In these unavoidable disasters, in order to avoid a war of all against all and the destruction of our planet, it is necessary that we free ourselves from the obsession with power and property, that we become much less materialistic and live a more spiritual life. The Judeo-Christian Ethics is the Way, the Truth and the Life for this.

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