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The challenges of the 21st century

In this website, a strategy is developed and further adapted to meet the great challenges of the 21st century, to prevent a man-made apocalypse and to stop provoking the Creator's wrath for the devastation we are wreaking on planet Earth.

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Basic principle: the individual is responsible for peace, well-being and prosperity for all people on earth and for good stewardship of nature. People cannot shift that responsibility to politics or to organizations and institutions. That is why it is so important for adults and children to be horrified at what is happening in this century.

Two philosophers are an important source of inspiration: Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855 ) and Emmanuel Levinas (1906-1995).

Some key propositions developed in this website

We will overcome the consequences of tragic events in the 21st century under the following conditions:

  1. Focusing on family life. We continue to live and work in the vicinity of the people with whom we know we are connected.
  2. Industrial pollution can be reduced by 90% if we limit our purchases to the bare minimum
  3. Traffic on land, in the air and at see can be reduced by 90% if our movements are limited to the bare minimum
  4. ’Male and female God created them’: the confirmation of motherhood and fatherhood ensures the survival of humanity
  5. If all immigrants return to their countries of origin, those countries will flourish
  6. All the Jews go to Israel and the Muslims and Christians withdraw from this country. The temple is being rebuilt. This is an absolute precondition for achieving peace, well-being and prosperity in the Islamic countries. If this requirement of God is not met, the misery in those countries will continue, the Muslims will continue to kill each other and destroy their cultural heritage even more
  7. Western civilization must guard its Christian foundation and the ethics that underpin it as strictly as possible. The future of humanity and the protection of planet Earth depend on it
  8. Islam attacks the Christian roots of Western civilization because it is an imperialist religion, imposed coercively and, ultimately, by violent force.
  9. If there is peace, well-being and prosperity in the Middle East, an alliance can arise between Europe and the Islamic countries. A new world power with mutual solidarity will arise here, which will also bring peace, well-being and prosperity to black Africa.

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