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Who hates Israel waits a miserable fate

1. The West watched passively during the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis and the Holocaust (1933-1945). The Jews resurrected from this catastrophe and Germany was severely punished with millions of deaths and flattened cities.

2. The West remained passive during the six-day war (1967) when Israel was attacked by the surrounding Islamic countries. Israel won the war and built up a flourishing country. In the Islamic countries, a long period of misery followed that still continues, the Muslims waged war with each other with millions of deaths and destroying their cultural heritage.

3. A large part of the West condemns Israel during the current war between Gaza, Hezbollah and Israel. Israel will win this war. Gaza is a mess and Lebanon that was once the pearl of the Middle East, is now an poor and hopelessly divided land.

Three historical developments that show that the Jewish people always overcome and that their enemies know deep misery. The hatred in the West against the Jews will be severely punished. The West is darkened by Islam. A third world war is lurking. Climate change brings deep economic misery. The mass immigration is uncontrollable. The war in Ukraine and the asylum industry cost billions causing the middle class to be impoverished.

There is an explanation for the fate of the enemies of the Jewish people: God protects His chosen people.

If the West wants to turn fate then there is only one solution: to proclaim Europe and the United States into a Jewish-Christian civilization and draw the consequences from it. The wicked European Union must be quickly replaced by a European confederation of sovereign countries including Russia (a Christian country that can help us in the fight against darkness) and Israel. 

The final battle has started 

Since the whole world turns against Israel, the final battle has begun. The final battle is the struggle between satanic forces and God, between hatred and love, between evil and good. Israel has the divine assignment to destroy Satan in order to restore Adam and Eva's mistake. We now see the satanic in the hatred of Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS, as well as in the hatred that is transferred from generation to generation to Muslims. All that hatred has no objective explanation. The 16 million Jews in the world are no danger to others. On the contrary, the Jews have contributed an incredible amount to the sciences and culture. The hatred is therefore purely religiously motivated, which means that Satan is the great inspiration. Satan wants to ban God from the world to bring people to him. The world has not understood Israel's assignment. That is because the religious has almost disappeared in the world. That is a tragic mistake. God was declared dead and now the settlement is coming. Satanic forces are working in the United Nations where God is completely banned. For that reason, the Third World War will break out with fatal consequences for all countries. Only Israel will know peace on condition that the Jews win the final battle. Israel must therefore invade Rafah and completely destroy Hamas. Then it's Hezbollah's turn. That Israel will win is certain, because God is the eternal who is infinitely more powerful than Satan. Fortunately, there are the Jews who, as the only people, as chosen people, will perform God's will to overcome evil. Anyone who is solidarity with the Jews will also know that peace.


In five to ten years it will be realized with remorse what mistake was made by not taking my advice seriously. I'll just mention the most important ones:

- return of all non-Western immigrants of the past sixty years, including their children and grandchildren born here, to their countries of origin to build up those countries with the help of the West and the rich oil states (with the priorities : decent education for all children, healthcare accessible to everyone, sufficient employment and a government that ensures the safety of its citizens and ensures a fair distribution of prosperity).

- opting for a frugal lifestyle where one only buys what is absolutely necessary and where one only makes the most essential trips by car or plane. This should result in a 90 percent reduction in industrial production and transport on land, at sea and in the air.

- replace the European Union with a European Confederation of sovereign states including Russia and Israel. This Confederation declares itself a Judeo-Christian civilization with Vienna as its political center and Jerusalem as its spiritual center.

Armageddon is imminent and how to save Europe

The European government leaders of the past sixty years have made a terrible and irresponsible mistake by allowing one hundred million Muslims on European soil. This can mean the end of Europe, which can undergo the same fate as Lebanon. Lebanon once had a Christian majority and was then the pearl of the Middle East. Now it's hell thanks to Hezbollah

Tweet: The popularity of Trump, Orban, Wilders, Le Pen and others

Why more and more people vote for Trump, Wilders, Orban, Le Pen and others: because the people see that the establisment has brought our Western civilization to the edge of the abyss. The establishment that is the traditional political parties from left to right that have created all the space for the religion of hatred against other people. The other person is the Jew, the Christian, the apostate, the atheist, the agnost. We are defenseless to this force majeure of hatred because we have lost our spiritual foundation. Western civilization was the civilization of respect for the other person, of charity for every person independent of his faith, of the freedom of the individual. Now our civilization and therefore political policy are purely founded on economic interests. Hence the emptiness and the meaninglessness of the life of Western man, who for that reason seeks distraction in meaningless trips, lavish consumption and stupid entertainment. 

We therefore have to establish hope on a statesman who knows how to inspire the people for what once made our civilization so powerful. That statesman is not yet in sight.

Perhaps hell will now break out. The armageddon is coming. It will become clear to everyone that people with the ideology of Islam do not fit into our civilization. Then comes a new phase in which Europe is setting its own goals again. Europe can be an inspiring example for the entire world if Jewish-Christian ethics again becomes the foundation of society.

We can also say that God has punished Europe heavily. Because why did those one hundred million Muslims were invited here? To keep the economy running, so because of the money. We have worshiped the Mammon and left the church. Now the punishment comes with terrible events.

The people of goodwill must therefore take control of the power through coups d'état in European countries. Because if Europe fails to its vocation, then all humanity is lost and we will go to natural disasters, pandemies, Muslim-terrorism, mass immigration, and so on. What is the army and the police waiting for?

Or am I a calling in the desert?

The mainstream media continues to propagate the erroneous view that the war in the Middle East is a struggle against an occupying power. It is a hopeful sign at this time that politicians are beginning to realize that this is a struggle for the preservation of the most humane civilization, namely the civilization based on Judeo-Christian ethics. These politicians now stand firmly behind Israel. Israel is the outpost of the struggle for the preservation of all Western civilization.

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The disasters that befall us from now on and for years to come cannot be bad enough. That offers the only chance to return all races to the continents where they belong and all immigrants to their countries of origin to take up their responsibilities there. That responsibility is nothing more than simply taking care of each other's vital needs and caring for the other out of connection and love. Anything that harms this will be avoided and every effort is made to make one's own land habitable and liveable.


Tonight there was a cloudless sky, but not a single star in sight. The atmosphere is extremely polluted. If something like this happened overnight, the whole of humanity would be shocked. Now we have evolved very slowly to this state. I can hardly remember the beautiful starry sky from my youth, seventy years ago.

This situation should bring about an impossible and unimaginable change. Industrial production should be stopped immediately. Transport on land, at sea and in the air should be ended. People should stay in the area where they live. Every society should become self-sufficient with an emphasis on ecological farming and caring for each other.

However, this cannot be achieved.  

Humans have been on Earth for over three million years. There have been wonderful achievements in scientific, artistic and spiritual fields. There has been so much love. The positive in the balance sheet far exceeds all the misery that people have been guilty of.

There is, of course, a God who looks at it all and lets people have their freedom. But will He allow life on earth to disappear forever? I don't expect it. So we are faced with events that will give people the incentive to radically change their behaviour. This will be the new Flood, of which we do not yet know what divine intervention it will be concretely.

From materialism we will make the leap to a spiritual life. We will only purchase the things that are indispensable for living. The emphasis will be on living together with our loved ones and with the people with whom we feel connected through a common history and shared values. Justice, responsibility for each other and solidarity between rich and poor, between the powerful and the weak will create an atmosphere where every person will know that others will care about her or him.

That leap to spirituality is a repetition of the history of the Tower of Babel. After the chaos, every people will return to the land where they belong.

The Flood is very near. Our hope is in Babylon.

(Wednesday 3 August 2022)

The challenges of the 21st century

In this website, a strategy is developed and further adapted to meet the great challenges of the 21st century, to prevent a man-made apocalypse and to stop provoking the Creator's wrath for the devastation we are wreaking on planet Earth.

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Basic principle: the individual is responsible for peace, well-being and prosperity for all people on earth and for good stewardship of nature. People cannot shift that responsibility to politics or to organizations and institutions. That is why it is so important for adults and children to be horrified at what is happening in this century.

Two philosophers are an important source of inspiration: Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855 ) and Emmanuel Levinas (1906-1995).

Some key propositions developed in this website

We will overcome the consequences of tragic events in the 21st century under the following conditions:

  1. Focusing on family life. We continue to live and work in the vicinity of the people with whom we know we are connected.
  2. Industrial pollution can be reduced by 90% if we limit our purchases to the bare minimum
  3. Traffic on land, in the air and at see can be reduced by 90% if our movements are limited to the bare minimum
  4. ’Male and female God created them’: the confirmation of motherhood and fatherhood ensures the survival of humanity
  5. If all immigrants return to their countries of origin, those countries will flourish
  6. All the Jews go to Israel and the Muslims and Christians withdraw from this country. The temple is being rebuilt. This is an absolute precondition for achieving peace, well-being and prosperity in the Islamic countries. If this requirement of God is not met, the misery in those countries will continue, the Muslims will continue to kill each other and destroy their cultural heritage even more
  7. Western civilization must guard its Christian foundation and the ethics that underpin it as strictly as possible. The future of humanity and the protection of planet Earth depend on it
  8. Islam attacks the Christian roots of Western civilization because it is an imperialist religion, imposed coercively and, ultimately, by violent force.
  9. If there is peace, well-being and prosperity in the Middle East, an alliance can arise between Europe and the Islamic countries. A new world power with mutual solidarity will arise here, which will also bring peace, well-being and prosperity to black Africa.

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