Exciting times are coming

1. The New World Order 

Could it be that a new world order is emerging in a form that is unexpected? With what is now going on, a profound change in the world order seems inevitable. Mass immigration, the effects of climate change, the ongoing destruction of planet Earth and other developments are leading humanity into a largely man-made apocalypse.

I am ashamed to live in an age that may in the future be called ’The insane age'. Insane because people don't see reality and suppress awareness of horribly irresponsible behavior.

The result of all my study is that I suppose that the new world order will usher in a 'spiritual age'. Economy will hardly play a role because (1) we will only produce for the necessities of life and (2) wealth and status based on possession will no longer be pursued. The focus and desire will mainly be on the attachment with our loved ones. The family and the wider family are once again at the center of our existence. We are creating a society of people who know themselves connected by a shared history, a common ethics, by kinship, by norms and values that are accepted by all and by traditions and customs that all cherish.

That connection means that we are there for the others. The Other has priority over the Me. This is the core of Judeo-Christian ethics. We adopt this ethic in our own house'; the society as described above is the home where we draw the strength to show solidarity, not only with the people with whom we connect ourselves, but also in solidarity with other societies in need.

Putting our own home in order first, to make love for our neighbor possible on the world stage and to behave responsibly for the future generations who will have to live on the planet we leave behind for them.

That own house was once built on the Judeo-Christian ethic(*). Unfortunately, Christian schools, Christian media and Christian political parties have long been infiltrated by leftists. As a result, a crucial foundation of our connectedness has been lost and those institutions have lost their power and influence. We have become defenseless and let our countries be overrun by people who do not belong in our civilization. We no longer feel responsible for education, hence the unsolvable teacher shortage and the decline in the quality of our education. The originally Christian parties have lost their power and are dying.

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Now that I have reached the last stage of my life, I am becoming more and more convinced that naive leftists are being used by Satan as useful idiots to carry out his diabolical plans. The multicultural society is part of it, as is the invasion of tens of millions of Muslims. It is inevitable that God will intervene , as is already noticeable with climate change, the pandemics and other developments of which we do not yet suspect the seriousness. Now there is yet to come a Jeanne d' Arc who will wake up the Europeans and lead them to a renaissance.

In the new world order that I envision before me, we will return to the roots of our civilization. Legislation and politics in European countries will be based on Judeo-Christian ethics. When we have rediscovered our identity, we will show solidarity with the Islamic countries and the countries of black Africa, so that a more humane society is created there too. But first we must free our own European countries from a satanic leftist ideology and from Islam which is an imperialist religion and does not know the separation of church and state.

(*) I have often said that this is not a plea for conversion or a call to 'believe'. The point is that in the Bible (the Ten Commandments) and in the Gospel (the Sermon on the Mount) we find the norms and values for the most humane society. Ethics is not the result of democratic deliberation (then everything would be relative) nor is it a matter of logic. Ethics are to be accepted.

2. Exciting times are coming

Exciting times are coming. The governments of the western countries can no longer cope with the enormous problems because they are forced to think and act politically correct. Until now, people continued to vote for the traditional parties because they have known prosperity for so many years. In difficult times people are conservative. They seek safety in what they are used to. That time is over. The problems escalate. The masses realize that the government is partly the cause of the misery that befalls them. They realize that they should not expect a solution from traditional politics.

The escalation of mass immigration is an example of this. Politically correct thinking prevents a solution. Small village communities are confronted against their will with hundreds of asylum seekers. Society is being disrupted by the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and fortune seekers who are not entitled to asylum. In Europe there are already almost a hundred million people with an ideology that is incompatible with our norms and values.

The energy crisis affects all families in their wallets. A war that could have been avoided (see: Zelensky's Fatal Mistake ) can drag on for years and cause great misery not only for families, but also for small business owners and industry in general. Inflation is on the rise. The savings of caring family fathers and mothers are worth less and less.

A third example that I can mention here concerns the environment. The governments are taking so-called ’ecological friendly measures, which will only make things worse (industry lobbyists have too much influence). The production of electric cars, wind farms, solar panels and the installation, maintenance and recycling of all these machines means neither more nor less a huge increase in industrial activities, starting with the mining of the raw materials. Landscapes are being destroyed and even on the beach we look at what technology is doing to nature.

The people will revolt. That seems inevitable to me. Somewhere in Europe the flame will go up and that could have a knock-on effect. It's going to be a hot autumn.


What is the solution? There will be a lot of rebellion, a lot of destruction and unfortunately also a lot of aggression, but that will not bring a solution yet. We can hope for statesmen (-women) who know exactly what they want to achieve.

I give here a few ideas :

1. The emphasis will be on family life, neighborhood life, the village community or the urban district. Traditions are restored. Around every village and city there will be a wide area for ecological agriculture and horticulture. Each region tries to be self-sufficient as much as possible.

2. Voluntary work from 'networks for solidarity' is gaining momentum. These networks focus, among other things, on student counseling, care for the elderly, odd jobs in households, and contributions to agriculture and horticulture.

3. This is made possible by an 18-hour work week, so that parents can raise their children themselves and others can contribute to the networks of solidarity.

4. Immigrants return en masse to their countries of origin to take up their responsibilities there. They are supported in this by the richer countries that set up international networks for solidarity. Priority is given to good education for all children, quality health care accessible to all and the creation of employment . Well-trained returned immigrants will play an indispensable role in this.

5. To combat illegal immigration, illegal immigrants are deported to hotels in North Africa. There is a ban from Europe to go on holiday to those countries. If the North African countries do not want to cooperate, part of that region will be temporarily occupied by European armies. These countries do receive compensation for the reception of illegal immigrants.

6. Executives, influencers, politicians, captains of industry, members of the Boards of Directors and everyone who has a position with influence on society are urged by the statesman or stateswoman to be an example of frugal living. So do not earn more than twice the average, give bonuses to networks for solidarity, no longer travel, do not buy luxury products, be an example of a good family father or mother, help in voluntary work and be active in village or neighborhood life.

For those who think these proposals are unreal : the multicultural society is today's Tower of Babel, the climate crisis is a repeat of the Deluge. The bible contains ancient wisdom on which my predictions are based. There is no doubt about it, because heating our house may become unaffordable for many, we will be overrun by hundreds of thousands of immigrants and our money will become worthless. Anyone who thinks we can keep our way of life is hopelessly naive. It is not inconceivable that an apocalyptic situation will arise, for example if, in addition to all the misery caused by climate change, there will also be a nuclear war, or if a natural disaster of unprecedented magnitude occurs that has a devastating effect. At that moment, all mankind repents.

However, there is hope after this difficult period. We will live a more meaningful and happier life. In the new era that follows, people will no longer be able to imagine that they have lived so greedy, so materialistic and so irresponsible. Also for the Islamic countries and for black Africa an era of peace, well-being and prosperity will finally begin.

Provided of course that my advice is followed :-)

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