Europe and Russia

The future of Europe lies in Christian Orthodox Russia 

First and foremost, I want to emphasize that the American people are not to blame. A lot of good is coming from the United States. The Americans are the most generous nation when it comes to helping countries or peoples in need.

My criticism concerns the five percent of the super-rich who hold the political power in the US. Under the guise of defending democratic values, they have surrounded China with military bases and NATO vassal states have stationed their armies as far as the Russian border. Everything revolves around the defense of American economic interests. The war in Ukraine was also provoked. Countries that always had a brotherly relationship with Russia were cleverly directed to the other camp with lots of money and economic incentives.

The US wants to avoid at all costs the European Union seeking rapprochement with Russia. In that case, a new world power would arise that surpasses the US. To prevent that, Russia was harassed with the expansion of NATO. Now the threat of nuclear conflict has suddenly resurfaced.

There is again talk of Turkey's possible accession to the EU. An additional 85 million will then be added to the hundred million Muslims already on European soil. I am 99% in favor of non-violent action, but with Turkey joining the European Union that will not be enough. Our civilization is then at stake. At the 1920 census of Turkey, after the genocide of the Armenians, there were two million Christians in that country. Now only 2000 remain.

There is no place for Muslims in Europe, just as there is no place for Christians in Islamic countries. The hundred million Muslims in Europe will cause a Lebanonization of Europe under the instigation of the Islamists. Moreover, mass emigration from Islamic countries will perpetuate the misery there.

A massive return to the countries of origin, with solidarity support from Europe, will give Islamic civilization a new flourishing period. Then there will be good education for all children in the Islamic countries, excellent health care accessible to everyone, sufficient employment, and so on.

For peace, well-being and prosperity in Europe and in the Islamic world, Europe must be proclaimed a Christian humanistic civilization. There must be a popular movement to urge politicians and other rulers to adopt a sober lifestyle in the service of the country. There is no place for grabbers and oligarchs in a Christian civilization.

Instead of a European Union, there will be a European Confederation of sovereign countries including Russia and Israel. Sovereign countries are best able to unite the people so that each country is strong enough for its own good and for solidarity with the rest of the world.

ref. Van Acker, J.(2023). The Great Counter-Reset. Amazon.

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