A purified country and the Era of Restoration

Characteristics of a purified country

- people can be themselves there

- the people are free

- people are good to each other

- no one is considered with disdain

- the interests of others take precedence over self-interest

- people take responsibility, especially in the education and care sector

- people are good stewards of nature

- the importance of future generations counts

- a richer spiritual and meaningful life goes hand in hand with a frugal lifestyle.

Characteristics of an egocentric country

- it's about power and wealth

- people oppress each other

- the other has to do what I want

- the other must think like me

- the wealth is in the hands of a small group

- self-interest has priority.

- consuming never gets satiated.


- the responsibility begins in the family, which is necessary for the survival of humanity and the continuation of the heritage and civilization of our ancestors.

- a country is a collection of families who stand up for each other, care about each other and work to meet the vital needs of all. No one leaves a purified country, so as not to escape one's own responsibility.

- the family in the smallest 'network of solidarity', in which the other takes precedence over self-interest. These networks extend to the wider family, neighborhood, village, city and country. Prosperous countries form a network of solidarity to provide international aid where it is needed.

- in a purified country and in the corresponding international community of countries there is no place for arms trade and for space travel. The financial resources released will be earmarked for international solidarity, which has become very necessary, especially as a result of climate change.

- there will only be eternal peace in the world if wealth is used to give, if the economy aims to eradicate poverty and misery, if politics is not a struggle between opponents but a joint project for peace, well-being and achieve prosperity.

- that the temperature will rise by more than 1.5 degrees can be regarded as an absolute certainty. Maybe it will be above 2 degrees. This will have terrible consequences. Many countries are already dealing with this. It is also an illusion to think that we can turn the tide. Geoengineering or the extraction of CO2 from the atmosphere are being considered. These technical interventions are likely to have unforeseen dramatic consequences.

- if large areas become uninhabitable due to the heat, other sparsely populated areas closer to the north and south poles are destined for the new inhabitants. An international long-term solidarity action will support them to rebuild their own civilization there.

So what are we to do? In light of the above inferences, we will have to live as monks in an abbey. This is frugal and vegetarian living; be self-sufficient as much as possible, with everyone participating in agriculture and horticulture; work is combined with spirituality.

If this way of life is followed en masse, our consumption behavior (including travel) will decrease by 90 percent and industrial production will automatically decrease by 90 percent. This is the only solution to control climate change, but unfortunately this is not noticed in the climate conferences.

If we will live like monks in an abbey, together with the people we feel connected to, we will have a happiness that is hitherto unknown.

The movement that will realize the above proposals will be called 'RESTORATION' and Europe will then enter the Age of Restoration in which European civilization will be restored and find its true foundations.

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