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(This is a chapter from my autobiographical essay "The Great Counter-Reset”: LINK )

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Following what I wrote about the multicultural society and the presence of a hundred million Muslims on European soil, I received two emails from former students. They were deeply disappointed in me and never expected me to become a racist. One of them never wanted contact with me again. Either these students did not read my publications properly, or a woke mentality hinders any kind of dialogue. Dogmatic thinking prevents dialectic.

In the more than two thousand pages in my essays and other texts I have posted online since 2015, there is not a single sentence that can be characterized as racist. One text is easily labeled racist, namely the page on my website ’Ode to the White Race’. Here I describe the achievements of the white race in the cultural, scientific and humanitarian fields. The contribution of this race to the development of humanity is unparalleled, but its many shortcomings and crimes are not denied in this text. However, should I write an ’Ode to the Black Race’, which is quite possible, I would be praised by the same people who call me a racist. Why this difference? The explanation may be that there is a group among white people who are full of self-hatred, who themselves cannot make a substantial contribution to civilization and therefore fanatically reject any reference to what is good, or who, out of an inferiority complex, bring down every fine achievement of others. If people of color reject my ’Ode to the White Race’, that is still understandable; in this case, my ode is meant to reflect on what their race or ethnic group means to humanity and what they have to offer.

What arguments do I give for the dismantling of the multicultural society? A first argument is that, given the challenges we face in the 21st century, every people must work together in unison in order to survive. This works best when people feel bound by a common ethic of values, a shared history and traditions, and by blood relations. Traditionally, the family and the extended family provide the foundation for mutual solidarity. In times of great need and life-threatening events, people will seek safety from those they feel they can trust the most.

Second, the challenges of the 21st century will most likely create social tensions. Scapegoats will be sought. The immigrants and their descendants are most likely to arouse the enmity of the oroginal population. We should not be under too many illusions about the relative peace that now prevails in our multicultural countries. History shows that an economic depression of unprecedented magnitude can bring out the worst in people.

The argument most dear to my heart concerns the future of the Third World. As long as the most dynamic and still somewhat educated people flee those countries, there can be no improvement in the fate of those left behind, usually the poorest people. If all immigrants of non-Western origin were to return en masse to their countries of origin, Islamic countries and the countries of Black Africa would boom. Immigrants who are well educated here could finally put education, health care, cultural and scientific institutions in order. Surely it cannot be that there are more black doctors in Paris and London combined than in all of Africa? Surely it cannot be that to make up for staff shortages here, nurses are brought here from the Third World? People seem to be blind to the needs of those countries. Surely it cannot be that Muslims and blacks who have wonderful cultural achievements here owe it mainly to the opportunities they have been given in the West. When will the countries of origin be able to be proud of what they have to offer the world?

Why did a multicultural society arise in the first place? Why have

European government leaders allowed 100 million Muslims to settle in Europe over the past 60 years? By the way, the same is true in North America. Yet the last statesmen Europe has known, Churchill and de Gaulle, warned of the danger of Islam. They would never have allowed so many Muslims to enter Europe.

I detest conspiracy thinking, but I suspect that a group of powerful and influential men encouraged mass immigration for economic reasons. An aging population has long been predicted and in order to maintain economic growth and pay for pensions, labor forces had to be imported.

Many people live in the dream of a multicultural society where all races and ethnic groups live together harmoniously and where Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, apostates, atheists and agnostics get along well. It is these people who have advocated family reunification. The illusion of the multicultural society is a typical example of the saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Above all, it is the presence of a hundred million Muslims on western soil that will lead to a Lebanonization of Europe and North America. Islam is a religion of peace in a land inhabited only by Muslims of the same persuasion. Muslims everywhere have displaced Christians. In Turkey in 1920, that is, after the genocide of the Armenians, there were two million Christians. Now two thousand remain. Lebanon, before the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Muslims from Jordan, was the Pearl of the Middle East. Thousands of Christians fled Lebanon and now it is hell.

The understanding of the danger of Islam is prevented by the fact that at the individual level a very different picture emerges. The Moroccans and Turks I know personally are hospitable and friendly people. There are countless Muslims in European countries who are outstanding in politics, culture, healthcare and science. The problem, however, is that if out of a hundred million Muslims, five percent are fundamentalists, there are five million potential terrorists roaming within western countries. No police force can keep this under control. All it takes is for a few extremists to throw hydrochloric acid into the faces of unveiled young women and an extreme panic ensues among the population.

What was unthinkable before the arrival of Muslims is now already considered normal and necessary. This applies, for example, to the extreme security measures at airports, the surveillance of synagogues and Jewish schools and the need to use concrete blocks to prevent people from being deliberately killed at Christmas markets. Churches go up in flames. Priests get their throats cut during the Eucharist. Jewish students no longer feel safe. This is the case, for example, in the Hague campus of Leiden University, a Jewish student there received an app: ’If you come to campus one more time, you will be beheaded’. Swastikas are also affixed to apartments of Jewish students or the mezouzas, which are text boxes with a biblical text on them, were ripped off from the front door. One Jewish student had to delete his Instagram account because it flooded with hate messages. He was told that his family should have perished in the gas chamber. We are Lebanon and we don't realize it.

The established politicians seem to look on helplessly. Their inability to stop the mass immigration of Muslims is humiliating for the entire once powerful western continent. They constantly suggest better guarding the borders, as if they do not know that Europe is for the most part surrounded by seas. There is only one solution, which, however, should not be said. Illegal immigration can only be stopped if, manu militari if necessary, North African countries are forced to readmit the immigrants. That, by the way, would prevent thousands of deaths by drowning. The indecisiveness, the covering up of problems and the lack of courage of government leaders further increases polarization in society. Extreme right-wing parties and organizations smell their opportunity. The multicultural society is on the brink and few see it coming.

However, we need not be doomsayers. I envision a Europe of sovereign states forming an alliance of brotherhood with the Islamic countries around the Mediterranean, to which all Muslims have returned. This alliance works together to bring peace, welfare and prosperity to black Africa. Networks of solidarity ensure that no people go hungry and that good quality health care is provided everywhere. As bad as the world's situation may become as a result of climate change, the 21st century can still be the best century ever thanks to solidarity among peoples and the connectedness of people within sovereign states. We often see how in times of great need the best emerges from people. The latter will only be possible if all peoples and ethnic groups return to the countries where they traditionally belong. The solidarity that will prevail there is a guarantee of solidarity within national borders, and precisely this solidarity will make it possible to show solidarity with other countries in need. My proposal to phase out the multicultural society is there for humanitarian reasons and to have the strength to show solidarity internationally in the harsh times ahead.

(This is a chapter from my autobiographical essay "The Great Counter-Reset”: LINK )

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