Post-Apocalypse Politics

Post-Apocalypse Politics, Economics and Social Life

Scenario in case radical measures have to be taken to ensure that human life on planet Earth remains possible and that humans, races, people of different religions or ideologies do not continue to oppose each other. In short, so as not to repeat the massacres of the last century even more violently.


As people come to their senses from the developments and events of this 21st century, the following objectives will be considered realistic and necessary:

1. Adapting our behavior to climate change to prevent worse.

2. There is sufficient and healthy food and clean drinking water for everyone in all countries.

3. All children can grow up in a safe and loving environment.

4. All children, girls and boys, receive a good education.

5. Good quality health care is accessible to all in all countries and regions.

6. There is sufficient employment.

7. There are no shortages for crucial professions.

Some concrete elaborations and examples  

We buy and produce only what is absolutely necessary, so that industrial production can be reduced by 90 percent.

There will be an 18-hour working week so that parents can raise their children themselves and take care of sick relatives and elderly parents.

A maximum income is set, including income from movable and immovable property. In Europe, for example, this maximum is 10,000 euros per month. What is earned more goes to the solidarity fund that subsidizes the 'networks of solidarity'.

An extensive zone for organic agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry will be created around every town and village. This will make each region self-sufficient as far as possible.

In every neighborhood or village there will be a 'network of solidarity'. Volunteers work in this network to provide help where necessary, such as in organic agriculture and horticulture, chores at home, student guidance, informal care, elderly care.

There are also networks of solidarity at national level that take action in the event of disasters and that can also provide aid in other countries or set up projects to work with the local population to rebuild the country.

After their education, all young people complete a two-year conscription in the army, police or customs. As a result, security is guaranteed to the smallest hamlet and border control is virtually watertight. Every container in the port can be checked.

During their military service, the young people can also follow practical vocational training, so that they can later make a valuable contribution to the networks of solidarity. These courses concern professions where there are major shortages, such as technician, care provider, teacher.

Nobody is unemployed, because people can always work temporarily in a network of solidarity.

Employment is organized in such a way that people can continue to live and work in their own region.

International sporting events and other gatherings are abolished. Emphasis is placed on regional competitions with home-grown participants.

International tourism is abolished. Free time is spent in their own country or in neighboring countries. Large walking and cycling routes with excellent accommodations for catering and B&B are being constructed. Cultural events and sports competitions are organized in the region.

The original inhabitants, ie people whose great-grandparents lived in the country, continue to live in the region where they were born. Connectedness with the extended family and traditions is thus restored. Couples whose ancestors lived in different regions make a choice of one of them.

Everyone who has emigrated to Europe in the past 70 years, as well as their descendants, return to their countries of origin to make those countries flourish with good education and health care, sufficient employment, social services and a fair distribution of wealth.

The landscapes are restored to the state they were before the industrial revolution.

Europe declares itself a Christian-humanistic civilization. This has a dual purpose: (1) to be a model for the world through unsurpassed ethics and (2) to become powerful enough to stand in solidarity with countries in need of cooperation.

The European Union is being replaced by a European Confederation of sovereign countries, including Russia and Israel. Sovereignty means strong bonding of the inhabitants and solidarity. A sovereign country is best able to defend itself and to create peace, prosperity and well-being. The confederation is intended to cooperate on defense, foreign policy and to help meet each other's needs.

A spiritual age

The other way of life outlined above ushers in a spiritual age. After the apocalyptic developments that are now taking place, people's reflection will lead to a different way of thinking and being in the world.

The emphasis has been on materialism and individualism for several centuries. This is a stage in human development that will now move on to a higher stage. Materialism and individualism are based on the ego. The ego perceives the world, thinks about it, enjoys the world and takes what satisfies its needs. This enjoyment of the world and the satisfaction of needs is a natural process and as such need not be condemned. However, this attitude to life can be at the expense of fellow human beings and future generations. The unjust distribution of well-being and wealth in the world is a result of man's one-sided ego-orientation. The planet we leave behind for future generations is becoming more and more polluted, depleted and biodiversity is declining dramatically. That is why we have now entered an apocalyptic time.

A higher stage is reached when it is not the I that is central to the life of an individual, but the Other. This means that the I is open to the needs and desires of the Other. Listening is more important here than speaking. But there is more: in a higher stage, the ego gives priority to the needs of the Other, including the needs of future generations. The advice outlined above is in line with this new attitude to life. It is the Jewish-French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas who described this breakthrough in thinking and acting.

A final question that remains is why we should prioritize the needs of the Other. The answer is that through the Other, a higher authority appeals to us to love our neighbour. This is the core of the Judeo-Christian foundation of European civilization. Hence the call to declare Europe a Christian-humanistic civilization that also includes Israel, the cradle of our spirituality. In essence, it is not a new stage, but a return to the source of our civilization. The time for us to wander on this planet astray will be over. The Way of Truth and Light is open to us.

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Mega hurricanes can form during the heat wave in America, southern Europe and China, with a devastating effect on buildings and agricultural crops. A deep economic crisis follows. Is there still money for asylum seekers, Ukraine,…? We live in biblical times with a repeat of the plagues of Egypt. My proposals then become realistic. 

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study material: Acker, J. van(2023) The Great Counter-Reset. KDP.

Tragically, most people will laugh at me for these proposals. Tragic because they happily go to catastrophe. Never before have so many air trips been made than now. While there is an unbearable heat wave in southern Europe, millions of people go on holiday to those places. Who's crazy?

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