The Great Counter-Reset

Humanity seems to be losing the chance to turn the world into an earthly paradise. It's going to be hell because of a man-made apocalypse. The signs are visible. A virus manufactured by the Chinese has killed millions. Nature, including the very precious rainforests, is being destroyed more and more. Forest fires destroy huge areas. Pollution from unstoppable industrial production affects the health of children. Racial tensions are rising. It is impossible to keep up with the sum of all the ominous events and developments.

All this has a cause. Every human act is the result of a thought. Deeds are visible; the spiritual is invisible. The inspiration or the source of our thoughts determines the direction we take with humanity and the world. To paradise or to hell.

There is one source that can bring out the best in people without any doubt. There is an eternal wisdom that does not come from men themselves, but from a higher spirit, which is beyond the world. I am, of course, talking about the Bible here.

It is the greatest folly of the original Christian countries to reject biblical wisdom because of anti-religious or anti-clerical sentiments. Then something takes its place: either nihilism, or religions, philosophies and ideologies that preach hatred or give absolute priority to self-interest and the interest of one's own group. In short, by rejecting biblical wisdom, the whole world becomes hell.

At first, the Jewish people were the chosen people to put biblical revelation into practice. Here the foundation was laid for the next phase with the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Thereafter, the white race was the chosen race to spread the Good News throughout the world, among all races and peoples.

… to be continued …


1. Hans Larsen Martensen (1874). Christian Dogmatics: A compendium of the doctrines of Christianity. 

2. My newest essay (April 2023): THE GREAT COUNTER-RESET

Can we imagine white Americans emigrating en masse to Europe? Can we imagine Muslims leaving Europe to realize a new flowering of Islamic civilization? Can we imagine living frugally like monks in medieval abbeys to adapt to climate change?


From an unconventional view of multicultural society, mass immigration and unstoppable economic growth, the author arrives at a proposal to prevent the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset from leading to a man-made apocalypse.

Juliaan van Acker (Bruges, 1940) is emeritus professor. He worked successively in Congo, at the Belgian Ministry of Justice, at the Dutch Youth Protection and at Radboud University Nijmegen. Based on his life experiences, in this autobiographical essay he describes the Great Counter-Reset.


To prevent planet Earth from becoming uninhabitable and humanity becoming extinct, a Great Counter-Reset is necessary because the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset will lead to a man-made apocalypse. The Counter-Reset means a reform of politics, of the economy and of our social relations.

  1. Politics should no longer be a battle between opponents, but a common project to achieve peace, well-being and prosperity for all.
  2. Economy is not meant to satisfy greed, but to eradicate poverty and misery.
  3. Our social relationships should not be focused on our self-interest, but on sacrificing ourselves for others.

In fact, the three principles above are at the heart of Judeo-Christian ethics. Only this ethic can save the world. So it is time for the Europeans to accept this ethic in full awareness and to apply it themselves and to propagate it all over the world.

These reforms require a number of concrete guidelines for politics, for our economic activities and for our social life. I limit myself here to the main recommendations.

1.1 Politicians and the media must refrain from criticizing other countries. The emphasis is on the positive that each country has to offer.

1.2 Asylum is no longer granted to dissidents and refugees. This conveys the message that they must work in an appropriate manner in their own country to bring about the desired reforms.

1.3 All those who have emigrated return to their countries of origin to take up their responsibilities there.

1.4 As soon as Muslims have left Europe, a large number of white Americans will emigrate to Europe. They will help to make Europe the missionary center of the world, inspiring humanity for the Judeo-Christian ethic.

2.1 Our economic activities will be limited to the bare essentials. If our consumption falls by 90 percent, industrial production will also fall by 90 percent, ending the exhaustion of the planet and the destruction of our ecosystem.

2.2 There will be a maximum income so that each country has a national solidarity fund. This fund is intended to alleviate distress domestically or in an international context. Initiatives for the latter fall within the competence of sovereign states.

2.3 There will be an 18-hour working week so that parents can raise their children themselves and everyone can contribute to 'Networks of Solidarity'.

3.1 'Networks of Solidarity' are being formed everywhere. The smallest network is the traditional family, followed by the wider family, the neighbourhood, district or village where we live, the sovereign country and finally there are networks for international solidarity.

3.2. These networks of solidarity are intended to contribute to care for the elderly, youth care, care for the disabled, student guidance, biodynamic agriculture and horticulture, the restoration of landscapes, and so on. All citizens can contribute to this on a voluntary basis and according to their own ability.

3.2 The citizens of Western countries who want to practice the Judeo-Christian ethic establish a family with three to four children so that the West can play a leading and inspiring role in bringing peace to the whole world and for the survival of humanity.

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