Only a God can save us (Heidegger)

Two considerations

(1) Will God Intervene? The question here is why God did not intervene during the Wars of Religion and when the Holocaust took place. How can a Father allow such untold cruelty to his children?

If God were to intervene, it would mean the end of human freedom.The innocents who were murdered in the gas chambers, the victims of all the violence that people inflict on each other, are lovingly taken up by God immediately after their death into the eternal white Light, where they are forever reunited with their loved ones in a happiness that no human being can imagine. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim Jong-un, the Ayatollahs of Iran, Putin and those who do violence to others will end up after their death in the eternal Darkness of an unfathomable black hole, where they will float forever in complete solitude and without the possibility of communication, while they remain fully conscious.

There is an essential difference with the past: the vast majority of people no longer believe, suppress any thought of God and no longer ask the question of meaning. The only sense that counts is what serves the self-interest, or rather: the mutually understood self-interest.

We cannot just blame people for this. Because they are enchanted. Modern developments have brought them under the enchantment of man's omnipotence. There is no need for God in this case.

Nor is it the case that terrible disasters have to happen now in order for people to take refuge in God again and for the churches to fill up again. That would be a form of cowardice. It is not out of fear that we should believe in God. Faith is a matter of wholehearted acceptance.

It is about freely accepting God and his commandments. How can the people get out of the enchantment? Here an intervention of God seems necessary. Only God can save us from the enchantment with all its terrible consequences. When the Self has priority over the Other, there is no care for each other, no good stewardship of nature and no responsible behavior towards future generations. The decay of education, the decline of care for the sick and the elderly and the enormous destruction of planet Earth are the consequences of this. Mass immigration is also an escape from responsibility for the people and the country with which one is connected.

(2) The second consideration concerns the role of the small group of true Christians and of the orthodox Jews in providing space for God on this earth. God has withdrawn from the world to give people full freedom. With the current abuse of that freedom, the help of God must be invoked. Here lies the task of the Christians and the Jews. The Ten Commandments and the Gospel message of service and sacrifice are the foundations of a world as intended by God.

Europe must be refounded on biblical ethics.

Take education, for example. The Christian schools can hardly be called Christian. They would be better off in public education. Christians had better set up new schools exclusively for children of practicing parents. Here the elite of the renewed Europe is formed. The Jews have the Yeshivas where true study of the Torah and the Midrach prepare mankind for the coming of the Messiah.

There is no place for Muslims in Europe and in Israel. Islam is the religion of peace in countries where only Muslims live of the same sect. God punishes the Muslims mercilessly for expelling Christians and Jews: Muslims are constantly at war among themselves, misery arises wherever Muslims settle en masse, with Lebanon - which was once the pearl of the Middle East - as recently example. There will only be peace in the world when all Muslims have left Europe and Israel and the Jewish temple is rebuilt. Even then, the Islamic countries will finally know peace, well-being and prosperity.

It is not about converting the rest of the world to the Judeo-Christian faith. Europe and Israel will be the inspiring example for every people who, according to their own religion, worldview and civilization, will learn to prioritize selfless and unconditional love for the Other. The Other means: the people close to you, the people far away in developing countries and the future generations who will live on the earth we leave behind for them.

In this Messianic time we will leave the post-industrial era and we’ll make an end to the economic growth that exhausts the earth. Instead, there comes a spiritual era in which people will be much happier,  we will lead a meaningful life and the care for the other and for nature will be the vocation of every person.

Conclusion: The coming of God can be hastened if true Christians and Jews follow their vocation and vigorously assert their identity. The Judeo-Christian ethic is so powerful that God will be on their side to make Europe and Israel a beacon of hope for all mankind. Then the 21st century will be the best century ever.

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