The highest social class

There is a highest social class of people living in a parallel world. Over them reigns the tranquility of complete security of existence. They have houses in different countries. Their assets are well managed by private banking. They have an extensive, international network. Their children get well-paid jobs in international organizations.

These people don't look down on us ordinary people. On the contrary, they want the best for us. Many are philanthropists or volunteer in good works. Others employ thousands of people through their activities. Behind the scenes, they have a huge influence on governments. If necessary, they can bring down a government. They do not forge conspiracies, but make public what their plans are.

Their own circle, however, is unapproachable to mere mortals. It concerns royal houses, the highest nobility and families that have had old money for centuries. They steer clear of the nouveaux riches, the parvenus and certainly also from kleptocrats and oligarchs who owe their wealth to theft from the people.


The members of the highest social class are the gods on earth. Exalted above all. Champions of culture. Owners of extremely valuable works of art and antiques. Inhabitants of castles and beautiful city palaces.

It will be doubly hard for them to realize that their fairy tale is coming to an end. The world as we have known it until now is coming to an end. There is coming a spiritual age where people will live simply and frugally. There is no other way, because industrialization must end. Traveling is limited to what is absolutely necessary. Consumption reduced to what are necessities of life. The disasters that will befall us in the coming years and that have already started will force people to behave in this radically different way. We don't have to do anything for the time being: it will happen to us automatically.


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