The impotence of politicians

Unpleasant facts

There are facts we cannot ignore. Facts that have nothing to do with doom and gloom or conspiracy theories. They are facts that we can simply observe. However, as in all times, there are facts that are denied, ignored, suppressed or vehemently rejected. In the Middle Ages, almost everyone, including kings, prelates and scholars, thought that the world was flat and the sun revolved around it. The real fact that the earth is a sphere and revolves around the sun was denied and vehemently rejected. And yet that fact was true.

In this day and age there are also facts that are denied and rejected by many. I mention the most important because it puts our future at stake.

1. Climate change is a fact. We can argue about the causes. Large parts of the world are becoming virtually uninhabitable. Massive natural disasters occur and cause great economic damage. The measures that are being taken to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and to generate clean energy, for example, will hardly be able to prevent this, if at all. These measures are pathetically naive, by the way. The extraction of the raw materials, the production, the maintenance and ultimately the recycling of wind turbines, solar panels and electric cars triggers an enormous industrial production that makes things even worse with those emissions. The electric car will be the flop of the century.


2. Economic growth is necessary to maintain employment and our prosperity. However, we consume five planets and we only have one. This economic model must change radically, but this will not succeed because too many interests are at stake. So we continue to destroy nature, biodiversity is irretrievably falling to an all-time low, hundreds of millions of people are forced to emigrate.

3. It is an irrefutable fact that covid-19 was created in a Chinese laboratory and spread by mistake. The Chinese have done everything they can to prevent an independent investigation, which can be seen as proof that the responsibility lies with them. Millions have died and millions have suffered irreparable physical damage. This manufactured virus can mutate and may not be eradicated. Other epidemics may emerge. We are waiting for some kind of new plague or cholera epidemic that will claim hundreds of millions of victims.

4. In Europe, 100 million Muslims have been added in the past 60 years. If five percent of them are extremist, then there are five million potential terrorists in Europe. No police force can control this. Europe is moving towards lebanonization. In the US, the chaos caused by uncontrolled mass immigration is incalculable.

5. Unimaginable amounts of weapons of mass destruction are scattered all over the world. Islamic countries and authoritarian regimes also have them available. Whoever thinks that all means are permissible to kill or subdue infidels can and will ultimately use this. In some countries, one man can decide to deploy these weapons. Conflicts can also escalate into armageddon due to a mistake.

6. There is no reason to be racist. In all races and ethnic groups, intelligence and talents are equally distributed. The majority of people everywhere are of good will. If there are differences, this is a result of educational, economic, religious and political circumstances. I became aware of this when I was working as an pedagoge in Congo. In Africa and in other developing countries there is an enormous untapped potential of human creative capacity. Unfortunately, racism and polarization between countries and populations are taking on ominous proportions..

There is no solution

We don't have to be under any illusions. There is no solution. The existing political structures do not allow this. A clear example of our impotence concerns mass immigration. Even the most powerful country in the world does not know what to do with it and European politicians just shout something. The foundation of our prosperity, economic growth, also remains a dogma. The war in Ukraine proves that even in Europe the threat of a nuclear catastrophe is not inconceivable. What about countries where human rights are violated? The arms production and trade is so profitable for many countries that powerful lobbyists do everything they can to influence politicians (it is, in fact, bribery under a veneer).The economic downturn and the arrival of masses of refugees will further increase social tensions and racism.

The six facts mentioned above involve an accumulation of stressors, making them even more difficult to control.

Still suggesting something against my better judgement

Of course there is a solution, but it will only come when humanity comes to its senses after all hell has broken loose. Hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of people will be victims. Economic activities come to a virtual standstill. There is nothing for it but to withdraw into the circle of people with whom one feels connected.

I'll keep it simple here to describe the solution:

- We have to live very frugally in regions that are self-sufficient as far as possible. Family life, the wider family, the neighborhood or the village are again central to our existence. There is no longer any need for travel and international competitions. An 18-hour working week is sufficient and the parents can raise their children themselves. This lifestyle will improve the psychological health of the population and significantly reduce crime.

- Solidarity networks are emerging everywhere to provide aid where needed, starting with families and extending to international aid for countries in temporary need. Nobody has to go hungry.

- When all Muslims and Blacks return to their countries of origin, a period of peace, well-being and prosperity will finally dawn in the Islamic countries and in black Africa. The international networks of solidarity will contribute to this.

- There will be an international treaty to stop arms production and trade. A country that does not keep to the agreements made becomes completely isolated: all economic, financial, social, scientific and cultural relations are shut down. Not a single human being enters this country anymore and no one can leave it. All mail traffic and transport to those countries will be stopped.

These proposals mean that a turning point is possible if it comes from the people themselves. For example, the return of Muslims and black people to the lands of their ancestors to assume their responsibilities will also be a spontaneous movement from the people themselves. We should not expect anything from the politicians and from international organisations.

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