The Holy War in Ukraine and the Middle East

Ukraine becomes the Stalingrad of the West

Jerusalem becomes the Stalingrad of Islam

Russia wages a holy war against the materialistic West. Israel wages a holy war against imperialist Islam. The main cause of the Proxy War in Ukraine is the expansion of NATO. That expansion was presented as necessary for the defense of democracies and the freedom of citizens. In fact, it was about securing the economic interests of the United States. The European Vassal States felt forced to participate. A country like Hungary resisted a bit, but the European Union has the means to silence a quirky country economically.

Israel's war is about protecting the Jewish people against a religion that calls for a fight against the Jews. The attempts to reach a peace treaty with the oil states should only be to win some time. Both partners know very well that the ultimate goal of the strict Islamic oil states is the extermination of the Jews. Because it is a holy war for both Muslims and the Jews, that struggle never comes to an end unless the enemy disappears. Israel is a nuclear power. As soon as several Islamic countries will have nuclear weapons, the principle of mutual deterrence as in the Cold War will not apply. In a holy war, dying for God or Allah is the highest good. If Israel waits until Iran, for example, actually becomes a nuclear power, the death sentence for Israel is signed. We can therefore expect that if the war in the Middle East will escalate further and Israel will be attacked from all sides, Israel will catapult a large part of the Middle East to the Stone Age.

Russia will win the war in Ukraine. The Western countries are exhausted financially and militarily. It is impossible to win against this immense country with inexhaustible sources and always new divisions of soldiers. Moreover, the West finances the Russian warfare through the import of gas. The mistake of Napoleon and of Hitler repeats. Ukraine becomes the Stalingrad for the West.

Israel will win the war in the Middle East. It is all or nothing for that country. Not winning means eradication of the Jewish people. Launching a nuclear war is therefore obvious, because Israel and the Jews in the rest of the world are threatened by one and a half billion Muslims. The Battle of Jerusalem becomes the Stalingrad of Islam.

This is my future forecast. This is a vision. Make no mistake: that prediction comes out.

My recommendations

In five to ten years it will be realized with remorse what mistake was made by not taking my advice seriously. I'll just mention the most important ones:

- return of all non-Western immigrants of the past sixty years, including their children and grandchildren born here, to their countries of origin to build up those countries with the help of the West and the rich oil states (with the priorities : decent education for all children, healthcare accessible to everyone, sufficient employment and a government that ensures the safety of its citizens and ensures a fair distribution of prosperity).

- opting for a frugal lifestyle where one only buys what is absolutely necessary and where one only makes the most essential trips by car or plane. This should result in a 90 percent reduction in industrial production and transport on land, at sea and in the air.

- replace the European Union with a European Confederation of sovereign states including Russia and Israel. This Confederation declares itself a Judeo-Christian civilization with Vienna as its political center and Jerusalem as its spiritual center.

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