Responsible behavior in the 21st century

1. Europe should be a Christian continent

Do we want a world where there is no torture, where people are not treated authoritarian, where wealth is justly distributed, where there is peace, where people are loyal to each other, where there is no hostility, where everyone feels that others care about them? If we really want that, it was preached in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew, 5-7). Christians therefore play an irreplaceable role in the world. We don't have to go on a mission, but just lead by example (the Church has often failed at this, unfortunately).

But to lead by example, we must first and foremost live in a continent or country steeped in Christian morality. It is clear to me that in Europe there is only room for Christians and for humanists (I see humanism as a secular form of Christianity). Such a Europe will be able to play its part in bringing peace, justice and compassion to the world.

The proponents of the multicultural society are on the wrong track for two reasons: (1) Islam overwhelms our civilization and calls for violence against the 'others' and (2) those proponents do not take into account that man is not only mind but also body. Biological forces can always arise, especially in times of disaster and (civil) war, and then hardly anyone is able to practice the Christian virtues. Then it becomes a battle of all against all and survival of the fittest.

The Christians, who stand up for their faith, must join forces to protect Europe from the enemies of Christianity. So create political parties and establish schools that will make Europe a Christian continent again.

2. How to act to overcome the challenges of the 21st century? (pandemics, climate change, major forest fires, food shortages, (nuclear) wars, mass immigration, extinction of plants and animals, ...?

We see here a repetition of biblical disasters: the banishment from the Garden of Eden, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, the Ten Plagues of Egypt.

What is the cause of the disasters that are coming our way in this century? Is it God who intervenes?

According to the Bible it is clear how the disasters were overcome:

(a) The banishment from the Garden of Eden: can be ended only by recognizing the One True God and obeying the Ten Commandments through the knowledge of good and evil.

(b) The Flood: The family of Noach was saved and a pair of each animal. This means that the traditional family and the gender differences were restored.

(c) The Tower of Babel: The peoples separated and each people went back to its own land.

(d) The Ten Plagues of Egypt: The Jews went to the promised land of God. Slavery was abolished.

3. About feminism:

Men have fought many wars, but feminism is leading us to the total destruction of a defenseless, feminized Western civilization.

The most beautiful school of thought, the most beautiful social movement, the most beautiful ideology and even the most beautiful religion can turn into horror when they are taken over by people who are concerned with power, prestige, influence and money. To prevent and combat this, we must (1) monitor the ethical standards and values as an absolute point of reference and (2) follow developments with a critical mind and adjust or stop them where necessary.

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