Responsible behavior in the 21st century

How to act to overcome the challenges of the 21st century: pandemics, climate change, major forest fires, food shortages, (nuclear) wars, mass immigration, extinction of plants and animals, ...?

We see here a repetition of biblical disasters: the banishment from the Garden of Eden, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, the Ten Plagues of Egypt.

What is the cause of the disasters that are coming our way in this century? Is it God who intervenes?

According to the Bible, how the disasters were overcome:

(a) The banishment from the Garden of Eden: can be ended only by recognizing the One True God and obeying the Ten Commandments through the knowledge of good and evil.

(b) The Flood: The family of Noach was saved and a pair of each animal. This means that the traditional family and the gender differences were restored.

(c) The Tower of Babel: The peoples separated and each people went back to its own land.

(d) The Ten Plagues of Egypt: The Jews went to the promised land of God. Slavery was abolished.

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