Another look at the war in Ukraine

The fate of the Ukrainian people is no concern to the Americans. The point of the war in Ukraine is to prevent an alliance between Germany and Russia. Such an alliance would harm the economic interests of the American empire. This is the main thesis of the book 'The Third World War Has Begun' by the French historian Emmanuel Todd. By the way, this book was not published in French, but in Japanese. Todd says the reason for this is that the West is reacting too emotionally to that war. In Japan, given the great distance, a more objective view is possible. His book is a bestseller in Japan. Todd also does not get a stage in the mainstream media infiltrated by left-wing thugs, except in France's best newspaper 'Le Figaro', which published an extensive interview with him.

Imposing economic sanctions is a declaration of war

Why, according to Todd, has World War III already started? Most people have a naive view of war. According to them, war has to do with weaponry, tanks, bombardments. In fact, war is ultimately a struggle for economic power. As soon as economic sanctions are imposed, the war begins. These sanctions also lead to deaths. The economic sanctions on Iran have meanwhile killed more than 400,000 people.

However, the economic sanctions on Russia have not had the desired effect. On the contrary, it is the Western countries that are experiencing the disadvantages, partly due to high inflation. Inflation in Russia is not too bad (12 percent compared to an average of 11 percent in the EU). In the West, Russia is thought to be weak and poor, but this country has inexhaustible resources and millions of reservists can be called up. This war is going to be endless.

It is striking that there are no actions by pacifists. This is partly due to the media's warmongering so that the population sympathizes with Ukraine and condemns the Russians. But according to Todd this can easily change because the profession of journalist is the least respected. As soon as the Western population will experience even more how harmful the war will be for them, resistance will increase. Foreign policy is indeed the most undemocratic, and it is a domain where the oligarchy in West and East is in charge.

Two visions of the war

On the one hand, we have the view of the war in Ukraine that is propagated by the media. Ukraine is the weak country under attack from a powerful empire. However, Todd takes a broader view and comes to a different view: The NATO countries with a combined population of 950 million impose sanctions against Russia with a population of 140 million. The first group has a Gross National Product of $50,000 billion versus Russia with $5,000 billion.

We should not be under any illusions about US foreign policy. Americans reason in terms of power, and 40 percent of all the world's military spending is accounted for by the US. The Americans think they are the strongest, are pursuing an offensive policy and their global dominance must not be contested. Russia, on the other hand, is a defensive power that wants to defend the sovereignty of the countries against the American empire. An idea that Putin has recently proclaimed.

Europe is in between. Europe lives in a plurinational dream world, without a real army, and believes that it can expand politically and economically to the Russian border, including Ukraine. The US is playing this off and posing as the bastion of freedom and democracy while Russia is an autocracy that wants to keep its power in Ukraine.

Todd says the US can hardly be considered a liberal democracy given the inequality, the accumulation of wealth outside social structures and the influence of money on elections. Only a very rich person can become president of the US. US is a liberal oligarchy and claiming that US is there to defend democracies is an excuse for power politics.

Russia has become more stable

Putin is described in the media as a kind of satan who has turned his country into hell. However, if we look at the numbers, since Putin came to power, the country has become more stable, violence has fallen sharply, as has the number of suicides. There is also a conservative ideology regarding moral standards, much to the dismay of the Western intelligentsia. Funny thing is that the law banning propaganda for LGBT people, passed by the Duma, has improved Russia's prestige in the non-Western world (3/4 of the world). Russia and many other countries in the world see the West as in moral decline.

It is therefore quite possible that a strong alliance will emerge between Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia and other countries, with their own currency system. This is the nightmare of the Americans, because this country's gigantic national debts and huge trade deficit make it necessary for the dollar to play a central role in the international monetary system in order to maintain the lifestyle of the Americans. If this collapses, the unimaginable could happen.

America, by provoking Russia and encouraging war in Ukraine, has prevented the alliance of Germany and Russia from coming about. However, a much greater danger looms for the US: a new empire of Russia with Asian countries, with its own monetary system. That would mean the end of prosperity in the West. For this reason, the war in Ukraine is an existential issue for America. We must fear the worst.

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