A simple and meaningful life

1.1 Back to the simple life is an appropriate response to the challenges of the 21st century

1.1.1 Then the 21st century will be the best century ever

1.2 The simple life begins in the warmth of the family, in close ties with the broader family, with people in the neighborhood or the village who have known each other since primary school

1.2.1 The simple life is living among the people we feel connected to. If there are conflicts between these people, we come out stronger when they are settled

1.3 Whatever happens in the 21st century as a result of climate change, new pandemics or other dramatic developments, people who have opted for the simple life will remain in solidarity with each other

1.3.1 Among the greatest suffering, solace will be found in the warm and humane relations

1.4 The best century ever will mean the end of industrialization and the end of terrible air pollution 


1.4.1 Old landscapes will be restored

1.4.2 Fauna and flora will flourish

1.4.3 Man will take care of his own environment and enjoy the nature around him

1.5 The industrial era and the internet era is followed by a spiritual era, in which meaning is central

1.5.1 A meaningful life means that it is not my ego that is the center of my existence, but the Other. I live in the service of the Other. I am responsible for the Other

1.5.2 The Other, that is my neighbors, the people far away in the developing countries and the future generations who will have to live on the planet we leave behind for them

1.6 Living in the service of the Other means that politics is not a battle between opponents, but a joint project to bring peace to earth. Economy does not aim for self-enrichment, but the elimination of misery and extreme poverty

1.6.1 There are no more extremely rich people and no very poor people.   

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