Will there be a repeat of the ten plagues of Egypt in the 21st century?

Modern man is unable to break through to the truth in his thinking. He is trapped in scientific thinking. This thinking has become all-consuming thanks to the fantastic scientific and technological achievements. This gives modern man a sense of omnipotence. He “believes” that everything can be controlled through scientific research and technology.

This sense of almost "divine" omnipotence is unwarranted for two reasons:

(1) every person dies. Because this is not in keeping with the feeling of omnipotence, the modern age is characterized - strongly in contrast to earlier times or to non-technological societies - by repressing death as much as possible;

(2) science and technology have led to the production of weapons of mass destruction and destruction of the planet and biodiversity. The threat of nuclear war is more present than ever. The consequences of climate change are becoming more and more catastrophic.

Because of the enchantment of modern man with science and technology, God was declared dead. This is unique in human history. People have always believed in gods. Our ancestors believed in the one God who revealed eternal truth to us.

In my opinion, in addition to reason, there is also the wisdom that says that God exists and appeals to us (or at least that there is a higher power that is the cause of all that exists and had a purpose for creation). With this assumption and based on what the Bible tells us, including about the ten plagues in Egypt, we can say the following:

In the 21st century, God intervenes again. This happens through the plagues that are coming at us and are becoming more and more threatening. It is not the intention that people start to believe in God again out of fear. Its purpose is to make people aware of their limitations and of the presence of the Creator who had a purpose in His creation. It is up to man to continue creation ("Go and multiply") and to perfect it.

What does this mean in concrete terms:

1. The family is the most valuable. The survival of humanity and of creation as intended by God, depends on it. Motherhood and fatherhood in a family where the parents are faithful to each other and where each other is cared for selflessly and unconditionally, is the cornerstone of creation. In the family the foundation is laid for love for one's neighbor and thus for a better, more perfected world.

In the perfected world, people live in families and children honor their parents all their lives. Everyone continues to live and work in the vicinity of the people with whom they are connected and for whom they care.

2. Every people and ethnic group returns to the land of the ancestors. If several peoples or ethnic groups are represented in the family or in the family, a choice is made. Each nation takes care of the good management of its own sovereign land and good stewardship of nature.

3. Eretz Israel is the land promised by God to the Jews. The Muslims and the Christians are leaving this country. Jews from all over the world come to settle there. The temple is being rebuilt.

Only when these three conditions are fulfilled will there be an end to the plagues, we will not go to a man-made apocalypse, and peace and well-being will come to all people of goodwill everywhere on Earth. If we continue with globalization and multicultural societies, the plagues will become unbearable. If the Muslims do not return to their countries of origin, the misery in the Islamic countries will continue, they will continue to kill each other and destroy the heritage of their ancestors even more. God punishes those who do not perfect and destroy His creation.

Since it does not appear as yet that the people will heed their vocation as revealed in the Bible, we must expect worse and worse plagues. The Muslims will be severely punished. Humanity will be decimated by nuclear wars, pandemics or plagues that we have no idea about yet.

All this can be avoided if the three guidelines above are followed en masse.

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to be continued:

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