A strong Europe to prevent the Apocalypse

As can be seen from my website and my most recent essay “The Great Counter-Reset” (link), I believe that international politics should have the following priorities:

  1. Ensure that all children, girls and boys, in Islamic countries and in black Africa can go to excellent schools. The development of a country starts with good primary education and not with expensive development projects.
  2. This first priority can only be realized if non-Western immigrants return en masse to the country of their parents or grandparents. They will finally provide those countries with a future with good education, high-quality healthcare accessible to everyone, sufficient employment and government agencies that ensure security and a fair distribution of prosperity.
  3. Europe must strictly guard the foundations of its civilization so that Europe can be an example that inspires other countries. Materialism and individualism must come to an end. In a spiritual age the emphasis is on charity, self-sacrifice, sobriety, solidarity. These spiritual values will be more necessary than ever to meet the challenges of this century. A strong Europe will be able to provide returning immigrants with all possible support. This strong Europe can only be a European Confederation of sovereign states, including Russia and Israel.
  4. My hypothesis is that a strong, white Europe in solidarity with returning immigrants will bring peace, well-being and prosperity to the Middle East and black Africa. In that Europe, white Americans who fled the United States because of the civil war will be welcome.
  5. To make the spiritual age possible, we must live frugally, buy only the bare necessities and undertake only absolutely necessary travel, so that industrial production and transportation on land, sea and air can be reduced by 90 percent. It will turn out that this is the only strategy to somewhat control the consequences of climate change. If this advice is followed, immigration of workers will no longer be necessary.
  6. We must continue to negotiate to put an end to the shame of modern times: the thousands of billions spent on armaments worldwide every year. Are the budgets for space travel and pharmaceutical research still justified or are we not morally obliged to set other priorities?

Terrible events await humanity. The signs are already visible: the consequences of climate change, a new pandemic deadlier than the last is possible, the Middle East is on fire, a civil war is raging in the United States, mafia terror in South America provokes population movements to North America, mass immigration from Africa is uncontrollable, there are tensions in the Far East, the presence of nuclear weapons in Islamic hands is hyper-dangerous and there may be catastrophes that we have no idea of yet. All this together will make it clear to white Europeans: (1) that Christianity is an unsurpassed revelation bringing good, love, and justice into the world; (2) that white civilization is unparalleled and holds the promise of a higher level of development for all humanity.

The mainstream media continues to propagate the erroneous view that the war in the Middle East is a struggle against an occupying power. It is a hopeful sign at this time that politicians are beginning to realize that this is a struggle for the preservation of the most humane civilization, namely the civilization based on Judeo-Christian ethics. These politicians now stand firmly behind Israel. Israel is the outpost of the struggle for the preservation of all Western civilization.

We must therefore, as white Europeans, take matters into our own hands and send back all non-Western immigrants, because without a poweerful Europe the world has no future. It is the choice between a strong, white Europe or a man-made apocalypse. It is also the choice between a world in which Christianity is accepted as the only Way to peace and perfection of humanity ("Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect") or a world full of hatred and envy.

It will be clear that the European Union is pursuing a policy that is the opposite of the above. As long as our future is determined by the EU, we are rushing towards the abyss.

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