The multicultural society and diversity bring hell on earth

1. The Condition for the Survival of Humanity (August 30, 2022).

The world would be a much better place if:

- all Pakistanis return to their country of origin, so that dikes are built, employment is created and a fair distribution of wealth is realized

- all blacks return to Africa to ensure decent education for all children, health care accessible to all to the farthest corners of this continent and governments are installed that ensure freedom, equality and fraternity

- all Chinese return to China because of their association with a civilization many thousands of years old

- all Muslims return to their countries of origin to end all violence and establish a caliphate of peace.

The world will receive the grace of God if all Jews fulfill their aliyah and Jerusalem becomes the spiritual center of the world. Then comes peace and well-being all over the world.

2. The multicultural society has no future

In the United States, the United Kingdom and especially in France it is becoming increasingly clear that the multicultural society has no future. Several minority groups demand their rights, are hostile to the original culture of the host country and adhere to norms and values ​​that are incompatible with those of the majority. In the United States, whites are gradually becoming the minority.

In a harmonious and peaceful society  people feel connected to each other thanks to a common ethics, blood relationship, a shared history and traditions, a cultural heritage that our ancestors left behind.

In fact, the right-wing conservative can sit back and wait. The bomb bursts anyway. As soon as there are shortages, more poverty, more threats from outside, people will see that the leftist ideals are untenable. A left-wing policy breaks down all the foundations of society as described above in the name of equality. The left thinks that the multicultural society is the ideal we should strive for. However, if you think through it, you will see that this society is a horror, where everyone has to think the same in the name of equality. The ideals of the left, by definition, always lead to the gulag. The left-wing woke and cancel culture are preparing for it.

Discussing this with the left makes no sense, just as a discussion with Muslims never yields anything. Both are convinced that they have the truth on their side. With the Muslims it is even a divine truth. However, they do not know that their idea of ​​Allah is a continuation of the idolatry of the distant past (Franz Rosenzweig). There is no need for discussion as it is becoming increasingly clear where the future of humanity lies.

So we can wait patiently. The God of Jews and Christians is not an idol. He has given us complete freedom. He even approves of us declaring Him dead. He loves atheists and apostates equally. We can constantly doubt the truth and continue to think critically (which was and is a prerequisite for the fantastic development of the West). What matters to Him is that we behave responsibly towards our neighbors. Over the past two thousand years, Jews and Christians have built a civilization that is unparalleled. We can see that civilization as a preparation for the Kingdom of God. It is up to man to realize this. That's civilization.

Cultures that reject the Judeo-Christian ethic can prove for themselves how their view of man and the world or their religion can bring peace, well-being and prosperity. Islam, for example, is a religion of peace in countries where only Muslims live who also belong to the same denomination. Hence my plea for a return of all Muslims to their countries of origin to prove how Islam can bring peace and well-being.

Democracy is the logical result of Judeo-Christian ethics. If we want the world to become a place where all people can live with dignity, these ethics will have to be accepted everywhere. That's just the way it is. It's about choosing between heaven or hell on earth. We need only open our eyes to see where in the world there are countries where life is good and in which countries it is a terrible thing. Our freedom, our psychological well-being, our peace and our dignified way of life are endangered by the multicultural society that is not self-chosen. If we want to bring peace, prosperity and well-being to the whole world as before, we must defend our Judeo-Christian ethic and save with all our heart and soul our civilization from the clutches of the left .


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