The End of Times is human-made

Today, humanity is plagued by three plagues: mass immigration, the climate crisis, and the corona pandemic. Logically, new plagues will follow. That is easy to explain. We live in a way that cannot be sustained. There will come a time when that will be clear to everyone. Hence the 'usefulness' of all those plagues.

Many think that God is the cause of those plagues. We can explain it more simply. Man himself has caused the plagues on him. Understandably, people believe that the hand of God intervenes in history. The Flood and the Tower of Babel are biblical stories describing those disasters as God's punishment. The Flood was a result of the injustice in the world. The Tower of Babel was abandoned, and all peoples have split up again because God feared that the union of all people under a world government would bring about absolute evil. If we follow this biblical wisdom, the multicultural society should come to an end, and people should ensure that future generations can live on the planet we leave for them. The last would mean that the industrial era should be terminated.

An immigrant is someone who flees responsibility for his community. Muslim countries and countries in black Africa are usually ’failed states’. Israel proves that a prosperous nation can be built in the Middle East. Here again, it seems as if biblical wisdom applies. Israel is the promised land given by God to the Jews. Those who are hostile to the Jewish people are punished. Hence all that misery, hatred, and violence in the surrounding countries. Arab countries are destroying themselves without a bullet fired from Israel. The nations that support the Jews will be blessed nations. The other nations are cursed. The United Nations, the modern-day Tower of Babel, where anti-Semitism roams, has been cursed.

A consumer is no person in a humane sense. He is only the product of products. A person becomes human if he only consumes to stay alive. His life is meant to love, to make children happy, to do justice to others, to protect and perfect nature. Everything else is vanity—also a biblical wisdom.

A person is more than his sexual urges. Man is not just a mammal. Man is called to spirituality. Man is a spirit. That was proclaimed at Mount Sinai to humankind in the form of the Ten Commandments. Here, too, Biblical wisdom provides a way to escape the plagues. Faithfulness in relationships essentially means that man as a spiritual being can never divorce from his beloved or never separate from his parents. People must continue to live near their blood relatives to take responsibility for them. The commandment of not slandering means a revolution in social media that is now brimming with hatred and lies. Not stealing means there is a world without poverty.


It will be clear: if we want to escape the plagues we cause ourselves, our way of life must change radically. If not, then the End of Times will indeed come, and that will be terrible. Man has the task of realizing the Kingdom of God on earth. Then there will be no End of Times, but a New Time.

What means this appeal for our lifestyle, for the economy and politics? I describe it in my book 'The best century ever: How to prevent the 21st century from being a repeat of the previous one?'. If my advice is not followed, the most significant disasters await us.

Juliaan van acker, march 20th 2020, resume

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