The Covid-19 Pandemic as Part of God 's plan (March 28, 2021)

 My assumption is that the covid-19 pandemic is part of God's plan with humanity. First and foremost, there can be no doubt that God exists. However, we cannot know anything about Him. He is completely unknowable to man. The certainty of the existence of God arises from the objective world. The smallest insect is proof of it. A plant is proof of it. No one can create life, and yet life is there. Only God could create the objective world, and without the will of God all that is, cease to exist.

As for the assumption that the pandemic is part of God's plan, we can draw a number of conclusions from this. We can only guess at the plan of God, for example by examining whether a supernatural force can be the cause of certain, drastic events. We undergo the plan. Not as passive beings, but as free beings who decide how they will respond to the pandemic in this case.

We know what God expects of us, which is summarized, among other things, in the Ten Commandments. The essence is selfless and unconditional love. That love concerns all people without distinction, as well as nature that we must preserve out of love for future generations. That selflessness and unconditionality mean that the Other has precedence over the I. The Other becomes the center of the ego. The I lives in the service of the Other. I sacrifice my own life for the Other. I don't care if I die for the sake of Another. This sacrifice is not so exceptional: when a person is in need, there are always others willing to risk their lives to save him. Also in the small everyday things we see how people give priority to others. Love in the true sense lies, as it were, a priori in man. That can count as another proof of God. We are created in the image and likeness of God (note: 'created' and that is only possible through a supernatural force, through the transcendent that by definition transcends the objective world and is therefore unknowable to man).

The pandemic must not prevent us from serving the Other unselfishly and unconditionally. God tests us and how we behave will determine whether the people of the world are making hell or working for the Kingdom of God on Earth. The latter is the ultimate purpose of creation and it depends on the will of the people. What does this mean? We have to live as if the pandemic was not there and just keep working for our fellow human beings. All measures to prevent the spread of the virus will be lifted, because those measures have too dire consequences for our fellow human beings. All social activities continue as usual. Everyone does their job, fulfills their duties, takes their responsibility and does all this out of love for others. Children just go to school, we have close contact with our relatives and friends, and everyone makes his or her contribution to society.

However, what is changing as a result of this pandemic is greed and materialism. The emphasis will be on caring for the people with whom we are culturally and historically connected and on good stewardship of nature. The command to love our neighbors is not an individual matter. We live in a community. That starts in the family, which is therefore the cornerstone of society. On a higher level, there is the love between people who share a country, a culture and a history. That is called patriotism. On a global level, charity translates into solidarity between countries.

Globalization and mass immigration lead to today's Tower of Babel and the Flood. This explains the pandemic, which, like the Tower of Babel and the Flood, is an intervention of God. The only solution to averting catastrophes like the Covid-19 pandemic is to end globalization and mass immigration. Immigrants return to their countries of origin to build those countries and bring them peace, well-being and prosperity. As far as possible, economic activities are geared towards local production and consumption, so that endless environmental pollution comes to an end. People stay in their own environment and make the most of it. Solidarity can be created between the countries from the strength that is built up in the countries.


Under these conditions, the pandemic will stop itself (partly because there is no longer any travel and freight transport is almost completely stopped*). That is the intention of God 's plan. However, if we continue with the behavior that we are used to, then hell lies on earth for us .

(*) the blockade of the Suez Canal seems like a sign, a wake-up call

Postscript: I have distributed a link to the above text in various tweets. This resulted in no response, no like and no retweet. This means that in the West the idea of God has been completely repressed. That is a capital mistake that will lead to complete chaos. The signs are already there.

One of the consequences of this almost total repression of God is that the strength is lacking to take care of one's neighbors and nature. It is unbelievable that in the 21st century so many people are still living in deep misery, that large groups of people lack basic human rights and that the destruction of nature has reached such enormous proportions and that it continues to this day. There are warnings about apocalyptic events  as a result of climate change. Many deny this because, like the idea of ​​God, they repress that development.

The solution to all that misery and hell that we are creating ourselves lies in the recognition of God. Christianity and Judaism play an indispensable role in this. I think people will eventually come to this insight. It is all too clear that these religions hold the key to greater humanity and responsibility in the world. Hence my call to declare European civilization a Judeo-Christian civilization. Only this can save the world.

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