How to preserve European civilization?

With weak government leaders there is no  more hope

Which government leaders is the world stuck with today? In America they provide tax exemption or a significant reduction for the super rich and they are usually super rich themselves. In Europe they allow the mass immigration of millions who are destroying our Judeo-Christian civilization, with a libanonization of Europe as the end result. In the countries of the former Soviet bloc, they are fooling the masses. In Asia they do not allow individual freedom. In the Middle East they incite people to hatred. In Africa they leave the people to their own devices and only have an eye for self-enrichment. And all confess with the mouth that they will save the world from climate disasters and pandemics, but the destruction of our planet and globalization continue undisturbed.

Is there a barricade against that irresponsible behavior? The heads of government have the power or are pawns of the powerful. The people cannot do anything and are endlessly manipulated to vote for the 'saviours of the fatherland' in the elections. While these so-called saviours are destroying, plundering, killing the fatherland.

A new wind should blow over the world. I believe in a mass movement of billions of people: back to the essentials. This is: the family, solidarity, connection with the people with whom you share a centuries-long history as well as norms and values. And for the rest, buy and consume as little as possible. Money must, as it were, become redundant and replaced by meaningfulness, just as science is not only meant to acquire knowledge, but above all to discover the meaning of things.

If that global movement does not happen, the weapons of mass destruction will be ready for the struggle of all against all.

I don't want to be a doomsayer. I know that predicting is almost impossible. I do want to keep my eyes open and be realistic to see what's going on. There is increasing violence in the world. With the threats facing humanity on planet Earth, this violence will increase. In the event of shortages and frightening events, who will be able to prevent minorities from being persecuted, deported or worse? Can there never be an end to violence, given all the suffering and destruction of the cultural heritage that accompanies it? Who is able to start a movement of solidarity? I see with sadness how the world is becoming more and more dangerous and the politicians believe in appeasement. Should we wait until one of our cities is bombed or an entire region becomes uninhabitable due to nuclear radiation? Should the Internet be dramatically sabotaged so that society collapses? There will be immense suffering and priceless cultural heritage will be destroyed for good. A film about the German cities after the bombing by the Allies says it all. Will this be our fate?

It is clear that we must do everything we can to prevent a global disaster or to contain the effects of climate change and pandemics. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9). These goals will be achieved if there are no countries where people have to flee from poverty or because of tyranny, if we stop the endless production of useless things, and if we stop globalization. 

I see a role here for Europe. In this continent we must live frugally and limit ourselves to local products as much as possible, build up a strong defensive army and immigrants must return to their countries of origin in order to build those countries with solidarity support from Europe, so that the misery will come to an end. It may seem paradoxical, but only a Europe that is white, Judeo-Christian and enlightened will save the world from a man-made apocalypse. Since this proposition will not be accepted in practice, it looks very bleak. The necessary measures are not being taken in the name of anti-racism and anti-fascism, while it is my intention to prevent racism and fascism. Perhaps there is hope because the common man and woman are thoroughly tired of current European and national policies. Apparently they haven't lost their sanity.

The world needs a Europe that is white, Judeo-Christian and enlightened, otherwise it will be hell

European civilization will and must resurrect

It may well be that with new variants the covid-19 pandemic is becoming extremely dangerous. On the access roads to the overcrowded hospitals, people are struggling in breathlessness like fishes on dry land. Hundreds of millions of people die. In addition, there is a natural disaster of unprecedented magnitude that is without a doubt one of the consequences of climate change. The economy is collapsing and times are dark. Food shortages arise. Electricity is often out for hours. There is a water shortage in large parts of the world. Major fires break out everywhere.

These dramatic events are a result of the betrayal of European and Western civilization. We were well on our way to the Kingdom of God (*), but the people have denied it. We have been overwhelmed by peoples who have not known this civilization. Instead of the Kingdom of God came hatred, the struggle of all against all, the denial of the fundamental values ​​of Western civilization and of Judeo-Christian ethics. Almost every day we are confronted with rogues in the field of international politics. Criminal gangs associated with the drug trade operate as very wealthy multinationals and cause death and destruction. Destruction of the environment continues unabated: to make the energy transition possible with wind turbines, solar panels and electric vehicles, the industry is running at full speed and will cause even more CO2 emissions. The super rich park their profits in tax havens after first robbing hundreds of thousands of small business owners of their livelihoods. In international organizations, cruel tyrants are represented by their henchmen. Also in Western, originally Christian countries, there is a small "elite" of globalists who, in the name of economic growth, are further destroying the world of ordinary people, with their traditions and customs. In Africa and the Middle East there is dire poverty and there is no hope of improvement because the education there is lamentable.

Therefore, the blackest scenario will and must become reality.

The babel chaos that will arise will put an end to the multicultural society. All peoples flee in panic back to their countries of origin, as at the time of the Tower of Babel. The natural disasters and pandemics that spread throughout the world like a Deluge are putting an end to globalization, consumerism, greed and materialism.

Europe will emerge from this mess. The values ​​of the Enlightenment and the Judeo-Christian foundation will be restored. Jerusalem becomes the spiritual center of Europe. Vienna will become the center of political power of the European Confederation that extends from the North Sea to the Urals and includes Israel as a member. White Americans are emigrating to this new Europe to escape the chaos and ongoing civil war in their country. Politics is no longer a struggle between opponents, but a joint project to realize peace, well-being and prosperity. Economic activities are no longer intended for self-enrichment, but to eradicate poverty and misery. The Third World, in particular the Middle East and Black Africa, is flourishing unprecedented thanks to returning immigrants and the solidarity with Europe.

I pray God that the above may become reality. We cannot go on as now.

(*) For whom who thinks that the Kingdom of God is nonsense: this means an empire in which the following ethical standards determine policy, legislation and social interaction: you shall not divorce, do not lie, do not steal, do not slander (on twitter), do not covet, do nut murder, help poor people, you can't serve God and Mammon,manage nature well (because nature is created and not man-made), and so on; in short, what Jews and Christians accept as their faith. Why is this a belief: because those standards have not been chosen by democratic deliberation and are not rational. Whoever wants to understand will understand.

The West and the Jews: A necessary alliance

What does Judaism teach us in the rational West? That in addition to the universal laws of logic, there are also the universal laws of ethics. That in addition to Athens there is also Jerusalem. The attention to the last laws protects us from the totalitarianism to which logic irrevocably leads. Logic serves the ego. Ethics appeals to the ego to serve the ’We’. This is the universal message of Judaism.

Logic does not see the individual, but man in general, to the extent that the individual manifests himself as a member of a group or a species. Ethics, as reflected in the Bible given to humanity through the Jewish people, sees only individuals.

What has brought Western civilization is universal heritage. This also applies to Judaism, but this heritage is often supplanted by the enchantment of the West.

In these apocalyptic times, the essential contribution of the Jewish people to humankind is more evident than ever. Western civilization, through neglect of ethics, takes us to the end of the world. Politics cannot solve this. Only the message of universal brotherhood and good stewardship of the planet can bring a solution. More than ever, the message of Judaism is necessary for the survival of humanity.

The latter is a decisive argument for me to ask Israel to join the European Confederation. Then that confederation becomes a beacon of hope for all mankind.

Shouldn't we conclude from this that hatred of the Jews within the Islamic world and anti-Semitism in general is the greatest danger to humanity?

Europe must be declared as a Judeo-Christian civilization

If my proposals and advice are not followed, Europe will become hell in the short term; then the 21st century becomes a repetition of the horrors of the 20th century.

In many texts on this website and in my last book ’The best century ever’, I have made clear what we should aim for in Europe. Europe must first and foremost be declared as a Judeo-Christian civilization. Judeo-Christian ethics, - described in the Ten Commandments and in the Sermon on the Mount -, are the foundations of law, politics, economics and social relations. Of course there is room for humanists and atheists who grew up in European civilization.

Europe must become a confederation of sovereign states. Russia and Israel are part of it. This will be the new world empire as an example of civilization for the entire world.

All immigrants who are not from Europe, and their descendants, return to their countries of origin. There they will strive to build up those countries, with support from Europe. This is the only way to achieve peace, well-being and prosperity in the Islamic countries and in black Africa.

We are moving quickly to these developments. There will be an extreme recession with very high unemployment, the consequences of climate change will become uncontrollable, new pandemics will lead to desperation. The people of good will will do everything in their power to ward off Evil. It will then become clear to everyone that what I propose is the only way not to give Evil a chance. In the end, the 21st will be the best century ever, but then you have to listen to me.

Morality was not made up by humans

Something went wrong with Christianity. There were rational reasons for saying goodbye to the Church. However, the child was thrown away with the bath water. By "child" I mean the power which motivates people to adhere to fundamental values. It is easy to break a law chosen by man. These laws are, incidentally, relative and time-bound. Basic commandments and prohibitions cannot simply be ignored or violated.

Western civilization is founded on commandments and prohibitions that were formulated in the Bible many thousands of years ago. That is the true and only meaning of the Judeo-Christian foundation of our civilization. There God was mentioned as the One who revealed the commandments and prohibitions to the people.

By rejecting God, there is a chance that the basic commandments and prohibitions will also be rejected. That means the end of Western civilization.

If we are to prevent this disaster, it is not about people repenting, returning to the Church, or confirming their faith in God. It is about rationally accepting that the basic commandments and prohibitions are not made up by people themselves. There is a Higher Power that calls on people to behave "humanly".

The biblical commandments and prohibitions do indeed make people human. It is about loyalty in relationships, about respecting the rights and property of other people, about unconditional and unselfish love, about forgoing violence. If these commandments and prohibitions are not complied with on a large scale, this will have disastrous consequences for politics, the economy and interpersonal relations. How bad the latter is, for example, we see in the enormous number of marriages that end in divorce. The destruction of nature is also proof that we have no respect or responsibility for what we did not create ourselves, but that it has been given to humanity. By whom?

But how are people motivated to adhere to Biblical values?

If we are to be able to manage the consequences of climate change or live with constantly emerging epidemics, we will have to show great solidarity. The biblical commandments and prohibitions are necessary and fundamental for this.

The secularization can eventually lead to a man-made Apocalypse. I'm breaking my mind about how to avoid that. Man has been capable of the Holocaust, even in the most civilized and Christian country. These and all the other horrors in the world are completely opposite to the Bible's message. If we want to avoid repetition, we must put the Higher Power that has revealed the commandments and prohibitions at the center of our lives. The Church can help us with this, but as individuals we must do it in our personal lives. The first thing we can do is to take the study of the Bible seriously again, because without the wisdom of the Bible we would be lost as Western civilization.

(May 30, 2020)  


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