Climate change: The army must commit a coup

From a point of view outside the world, it is funny to see how people are fuming themselves. They know it, because they are making plans to reduce air pollution by the year 2050; that means that little or nothing is being done now. The effects of climate change, which is a consequence of the huge air pollution, are gaining momentum. In temperate areas it sometimes gets 40 degrees hot. That is a temperature that never occurs on the equator.

Equally funny is that people do not know that the only remedy to save what can be saved is to stop industrial production, to stop car traffic, air traffic and space travel. To name just a few of the necessary measures.

Even more funny is that a politician who proposes the necessary measures will be voted out at the next election.

Eventually a practical joke follows, because the heat, the hurricanes and the fires that will rage will make it necessary to decide to stop industrial production, to stop car traffic, air traffic and space travel. That coercion can only be imposed by the army that, together with the police, take power in a coup d’état.

Then a new time comes. People must then ensure that they produce enough food in their own region. To prevent popular uprisings and civil wars, the new rulers will force all immigrants to return to their countries of origin. Also the third or fourth generation. In those countries they have to take their responsibility to also produce enough food for the population there.

Money has no value in this new age. It is about surviving and justly distributing what is necessary for this. Social life gets a great boost. People feel more connected than ever before, because they share a common culture and history. Family and family life are central. Everyone helps with food production. Old landscapes are being restored. Motorways and airports are being converted into nature reserves. There is no longer traveling, so that crime virtually disappears. Racism and discrimination no longer occur, because there are no minorities anymore. Everyone has returned to the birthplace of the forefathers. Even the Jews are now all in the land promised by God, completing the Aliyah. Is that not a sign that the End of Times has arrived?

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