How to cope with the challenges of the 21st century?

 § 1. Prevention of ethnic conflicts and civil war

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The 21st century brings new and huge challenges: how to deal with the  consequences of climate change, with overpopulation, with mass immigration, or with the risks of the escalating arms race?

In order to prevent a recurrence of the atrocities of the 20th century, men must take their own responsibility for the country and the civilization of their ancestors. To meet the new challenges and to promote solidarity a country must be powerful.

Emigration is no solution, but a postponement of problems. When people shun their responsibility, then it will be everyone for himself. Ethnic tensions and civil war will be inevitable.

Under certain conditions, the 21st century can be a higher phase in human civilization. Europe must become a Confederation, based on Enlightenment and Jewish-Christian foundations. Muslims must return to the countries of origin in order to restore a flourishing Islamic Caliphate. In black Africa the people must be enabled to develop unreclaimed talents. In every part of the world, people must have and must create the opportunity for reaching a higher stage in moral and cultural development. Under these conditions, people will have a feeling of solidarity in coping with threatening  challenges.

People who are united by a common culture, tradition and history are motivated to engage themselves for the well-being of others. World solidarity begins where there is solidarity with one’s own people.


§ 2. Instructions for politicians who have a vision

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A politician with a vision is a statesman who accept to take up the enormous challenges of this century. These challenges can have a horrible impact on our society. Radical interventions will be needed, whereby democratic deliberation is not sufficient. The following goals of politics will become more and more inevitable:

  1. The European Union must be cut back and reformed as an European Confederation of independent states. Vienna will be the capital.
  2. Jerusalem will be the spiritual center of the western and the islamic world
  3. Citizenship is accorded to those who are in the country since five generations
  4. In each country citizens take their responsibility to meet the challenges of this 21st century, so that there will be peace, well-being and sufficient prosperity for all
  5. Statesmen are needed for promoting a world-encompassing movement of solidarity, so that everyone is motivated to build up his country of origin. This movement is the only way to change the fate of people in the Middle East and in black Africa.
  6. Countries which are powerful enough can help countries in need. An alliance  between Europe and Islamic countries can bring peace, well-being, high quality education, employment and prosperity in black Africa
  7. A new economy policy is needed in order to prevent a deterioration of our ecosystem for these and future generations. Economy is seen as a common project for responsible exploitation of the resources and for meeting the challenges of this century, so that people everywhere in the world can live a decent life.
  8. Politics are seen as a common project to preserve society for abuse of power and for greed. In politics there will be no room for a struggle between opponents. An end will be made to endless imputation and counteraction. Foreign policy will not be based on moral condemnation, but every country will give the good example.

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