How to tackle the corona pandemic?

The pandemic facing all of humanity now prompts us to think about how we can win this „war". It is not only about combating the spread of the coronavirus and looking for a vaccine, but also about how we will tackle the social and economic consequences. This requires togetherness, cooperation and belief in the future.

A powerful example of togetherness, cooperation, and faith in the future is provided by the Jewish people. The Jews have maintained their own identity for 5000 years. Persecution and the Holocaust have not made them lose faith in the future. The ultimate goal is reunification in the Promised Land, Israel. Thanks to the power of the Jewish identity, the Jewish people, more than other peoples, have performed unbelievably in the scientific and cultural domain. Even in a barren desert area, they have built up one of the most prosperous countries in the Middle East.

That power and identity are based on the ethics expressed in the Bible. Christians have continued this. Here too we see that Christianity has brought civilization to a high level. The whole world is looking at Europe and the United States. One does not have to be religious to recognize that Judeo-Christian ethics have made this level of civilization possible. Of course there are also negative sides. People are not saints. Theft, exploitation and violence also occur in the most civilized country. However, the balance between good and evil is clearly in favor of good in Western countries.

Climate change, the pandemic, mass immigration from deprived countries and other plagues that will come, require togetherness, cooperation and belief in the future. Europe can become a beacon for the entire world to win this battle. This applies to the whole world: every people and every country must be united, cooperative and must believe in the future. The foundation for Europe is Judeo-Christian ethics. For the Muslim countries, that is Islam.

I think there is only one conclusion to be drawn here: do not mix Western values ​​with Islamic values. This prevents togetherness, cooperation and a common belief in the future, resulting in a miserable 21st century for both Europe and the Middle East. Muslims in Europe: return to the countries of origin, because that is the only way to give those countries a future. Europeans: reflect on Judeo-Christian ethics so that Europe remains strong enough to show solidarity with the Middle East.

P.S.What does Judeo-Christian ethics mean? The core is sacrificing oneself in the service of the Other. By the Other is meant those who are close, the people far away in developing countries and the future generations who will have to live on the planet that we leave behind for them. Politics then does not become a battle between opponents, but a joint project to bring peace and well-being to the world. Economy is not intended for self-enrichment, but is a project to end poverty and misery. Everyone can make concrete what this means for themselves (what this means for me, I described in my last essay:

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