Talibans hope to conquer Europe

When Christianity disappears, Islam takes its place

The existential crisis in Europe

Combatant Muslims in Europe are getting a huge boost thanks to the Taliban's victory over the West. The Taliban army faced no opposition from the much larger regular force trained and armed by the Americans. A Taliban commander has said their ambitions extend as far as Europe. If five percent of European Muslims is fanatic and willing to violence, there are within our borders four million potential jihadists.

The political leaders, the mainstream media, church leaders and academics cannot recognize that the mass immigration of Muslims in Europe leads to an existential crisis. This is similar to the situation in the Middle Ages: the Pope, the Emperor and the professors could not recognize that the Earth was spherical and revolved around the Sun. Acknowledging that would have profoundly disrupted their worldview. Arguing with hard facts remains fruitless. Only a few are able to take the step towards a new understanding. Most dream of a harmonious multicultural society and peace in a united Europe without nationalism, at this stage of European history. Those in power live under the spell of an illusion that cannot be disturbed. The Dutch politician Wilders, as the contemporary Galileo, is of course right when he points out the danger of Islam. A lot still needs to be done before this insight becomes commonplace. I will come back to that later.

Israel is another example of how a small army can restrain a hundred million hostile people in the Middle East. The Jews in Israel have a clear ideal and are highly motivated to fight for it. It is clear to biblical exegetes that God plays a role in this. Because of the hatred of the Jews and the presence of Muslims on the Temple Mount, God punishes the Muslims. Israel do not need to fire a shot. The Muslims are killing each other and destroying their cultural heritage.

In a sense, we can view the pandemic, climate change and mass immigration as windfalls. Exegetes could also see the hand of God in this. The people lose their freedom. Prosperity is at risk. The welfare facilities are becoming unaffordable. These are the ingredients for revolution. Mass immigration will continue to grow exponentially and the European Union is unable to stop it. As far as mass immigration is concerned, it is already clear that if Christianity disappears, Islam will take its place.

The dream of a multicultural society stands for the time being, against all the facts. Priests in France are no longer sure of their lives. It is strange that against all facts the Christians regard the Muslims as their brothers in the faith. God will have to give the Christians a helping hand to get rid of that illusion.

Can Europe also have an army that wants to fight for an ideal? The armies of European countries, with the exception of the now sovereign United Kingdom, are hardly worth anything, just as they were in the years before World War II (when Germany was the exception). That is of course a real shame in this time where the world is full of dangers. The European Union offers no ideal, except for the free market economy with Mammon as its god. Only sovereign countries are able to unite the people. But then the people must share a culture, a history and values ​​and norms.

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