Production of electric cars and wind turbines is disastrous for the environment

The United States joined in the First World War to prevent that England and France would not repay their debts. The banks had in fact lent a lot of money to these countries. With a victory from Germany, the rich could have whistled their money. A large-scale propaganda campaign was conducted to sell to the people the American interference into the war. Hundreds of thousands of young men enthusiastically signed up as volunteers to fight for God, Fatherland, Freedom, and for Western civilization against the barbarians. Many died, however, not for these noble purposes, but to fill the purse of the rich.

The same processes are constantly repeated. This also applies to mass immigration and climate measures today. The origin of immigration was attracting cheap labor for business. A heavy indoctrination campaign followed. For fifty years, everyone who opposes immigration has been portrayed as a racist, a fascist or a Nazi. An entire army of idealists, led by the mainstream media and traditional political parties, fights against so-called racism, fascism and the resulting discrimination. Not so long ago, 1 million illegal immigrants were regularized in Spain. Just be patient and the EU will also regularize tens of millions of illegal immigrants. Rosy stories about immigrants doing so well appear in the media every day, hoping that the masses will swallow the message. Once there will be a hundred million new Europeans, we will be faced with a fait accompli. The business community and bankers are waiting patiently.

The climate measures are so absurd that we have to admire the politicians from the traditional parties and the possessing class for the success with which they manage to manipulate the masses. Everything is nowadays sustainable and green. Even the toilets for construction workers on the construction sites have an eco-label. All this is only meant to scatter sand in the eyes. Production of electric cars and wind turbines, from the mining of raw materials to transportation to bring them to their destination, is so immensely polluting that this will give the final blow to the environment. Businesses can going on for decades because the cars and the wind turbines must be replaced after a certain period. There seems to be no end to the fields of wind turbines, preferably far in the sea, because then nobody sees it (investment tip: the climate makes big money).

Is there anything to do about this? The rulers and the rich are so powerful and they have control over the information that the people hear and see every day. It looks bleak. A civil war is raging in France, but the media are silent in all languages. However, the Yellow Vests do not give up. Perhaps this is a sign of hope. Brexit has more or less succeeded because the common people are opposed to mass immigration. Thanks to Brexit, the British will escape the regularization of millions of illegal immigrants.

A general uprising of the common people could lead to a solution. But this is an almost impossible task. The mass is continuously manipulated with all possible means. The EU will also do everything in its power to silence an alternative voice. Brussels is already working hard on legislation against the real news, to protect the mainstream media fake news.

Should we now say with Martin Heidegger that only God can save us? We don't have to believe in God. It will come naturally. In Australia they know meanwhile what climate change does. Southern Europe is drowning in the rain. Millions of immigrants who come from a culture with norms and values ​​that are opposed to ours will make the situation untenable. The ghetto's in France are only the prelude to what awaits us on a large scale. We are on the eve of a European revolution.

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