A Muslim-free Europe

A Muslim-free Europe: good for Europe, good for Muslims

The rise of the extreme right is a sign on the wall

Political developments are irrevocably leading to a Muslim-free Europe. That will be a good thing, both for Muslims and for Europeans. Anti-racists and anti-fascists will prance when reading this title. A Muslim-free Europe is at odds with their ideal of a multicultural society. A society where the different population groups live together in harmony and all work together in solidarity for peace and prosperity.

I share their horror against any form of racism, discrimination or oppression of people because of their ethnic origin or belief. My vision is about a world where all return to the countries where their roots are, to assume their responsibility for peace and prosperity. I dare to say that a mass return of Muslims to the countries of origin will not be a deportation or forced departure, but a spontaneous movement that, once started, will be unstoppable. The example of Muslims will inspire Asians and Africans to also return to the lands of their ancestors.

Tens of millions of refugees

Why do political developments irrevocably lead to a Muslim-free Europe? Tens of millions of oppressed people from the Middle East want to flee the hopeless civil wars. In Africa, more than one hundred million young people are ready to make the crossing to Europe. This will not only disrupt European society and play into the extreme right. The countries from which large numbers are being emigrated will also become an even greater hell for those left behind. It is known that when the middle class and the well-educated leave, the population becomes more susceptible to extremism. Lebanon is one of the sad examples.

We therefore consider a policy that can finally lead to peace and prosperity in the aforementioned regions. The Arab Spring has failed. Black Africa has been plagued by tribal wars for decades, in fact for centuries. Only during the second half of the colonial period was there relative peace and a beginning of prosperity for the people. In these regions the people will not be able to pull itself out of the hair from the swamp. A military intervention by Western countries also offers no solution and can easily degenerate into a form of neo-colonialism.

New world power

As far as the Muslim countries are concerned, it is Muslims who now reside in Europe who can offer their brothers a better future. They have the knowledge, skills and resources to build the countries of origin. The jihadists who have left Europe to fight in the Middle East are in a certain sense the precursors of a new movement. It is now up to the rightful European Muslims, also those of the third or fourth generation, to make a massive constructive contribution to the development of the countries of their forefathers.

Suppose that a massive return of well-educated and peaceful Muslims brings education, health care, employment, social services and politics to a high level in the countries of origin, a completely new relationship between Europeans and Muslims will arise; a relation of equality and mutual respect. From this an alliance can arise that leads to a new world power.

Common ethics of responsibility

This is not about a new world order. ' Order ' evokes associations with a strong leader who wants to impose a new order in a dictatorial way. I propose a new world community, where individual citizens unite to assume their responsibilities. First in their own country, because a strong nation is a basis for solidarity with other countries, then a global movement follows to end the poverty, the civil wars and the destruction of the planet Earth.

We have entered an era of extreme political, religious, economic and climatic processes. It is precisely this accumulation of stressful events that is an explosive mixture. If we are to meet the challenges of our times, the people of every nation must be firmly united around a common ethics of responsibility. Minorities that cannot integrate will be scapegoat at dramatic developments, against which radical measures will be taken. The rise of the extreme right is a sign on the wall. To avoid the tragedy of the last century, everyone must ask themselves where they really belong and where they know themselves connected with people who share common norms and values.

" Until next year in Jerusalem "

This text is intended as an invitation to a dialogue with Muslims, with anti-racists and anti-fascists, about how the danger of the extreme right can be stopped in Europe, about how civil wars in Islamic countries can be ended and about   the way in which Europe and the Islamic world can work together to create a humane world community that can meet the extreme challenges of this era. My dream is that Europe, together with the Middle East and North Africa, forms an alliance that, as a new world power, sets an example for the rest of the world.

Every year the Jews celebrate Pesach, the Jewish Easter. It is an age-old tradition to wish each other 'see you next year in Jerusalem ' . We can see this desire to return to the country of origin as a paradigm for the coming period. Every person has a duty to stand up for his people and turn his land into a land of milk and honey.

Full text here: The end of multicultural societies or here:

Mission statement: the core idea that inspired my texts consists of three goals: (1) all children, girls and boys, must be able to receive high-quality education all over the world; (2) everywhere people should be able to live a dignified life and (3) in all countries people should be good stewards of nature.

Those in power who do not give absolute priority to these three goals bring evil into the world, that is greed, power and revenge. No missiles, but charity.


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