Russia will save European civilization

The European Union strives for political, economic, social and cultural unity. This is doomed to failure. The two main causes are the lack of identity and the lack of military power. The identity that is presented has no foundation. It is about the Universal Human Rights. They have been hijacked by activists who fight for gender equality and the rights of minorities and the LGBT group. These activists are hostile to the family and the Christian foundation of European civilization. The Universal Human Rights is a religion without foundation. Whoever shouts the loudest, determines what we must believe. There is a European Court of Human Rights, just as if the moral rules of conduct can be determined by majority vote. Morality has become a matter of legal quibbles and bureaucracy. This Europe does not inspire anyone and there is no question of any charisma.

Furthermore, there is a lack of military power to safeguard political, economic, social and cultural goals and achievements. Europe is overwhelmed by people who are hostile to our civilization. China has become a world power that is imposing its will. Europe imports the conflicts and problems of the Middle East and Africa. One of the biggest threats to our civilization is mass immigration. This could be solved if Europe is a strong  military power so that we can intervene in the Middle East and black Africa to achieve peace and bring an end to corruption and oppression. In that case, the empty slogan of 'protecting our external borders' would be replaced by decisive policy and the illegal immigrants could be sent straight back. Unfortunately we do not have this military power.

The southern European armies represent nothing. The Greeks, Italians and Spaniards do not have the mentality to face the confrontation. The cowardly and humiliating withdrawal of Spanish soldiers from Afghanistan after the terrorist attack in Barcelona is proof of this. Germany will not defend Europe either because of the guilt over the two world wars it has unleashed. Small countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands do well what big brother Germany says. The United Kingdom has a ready army, but has wisely withdrawn from the sinking ship called the European Union. And what about France? That country has just started an eighty-year civil war.

This lack of a powerful army means that Europe runs a huge risk. NATO is paralyzed, mainly because the US is concentrating more and more on domestic politics and has its hands full with confrontation with China. America is no longer interested in the Middle East, because the US is no longer dependent on it for energy supply. America will not invest in the 'shithole countries' of Africa for the next hundred years. Because education is so bad there, there is no prospect for economic development. It should be noted, however, that no country donates so much to charities that also operate in Africa. This is due to the Christian morality that fortunately still inspires the population in the US.

Whether we like it or not, European civilization can only be protected if we have a strong military force. Russia can offer this. There are multiple scenarios possible, of which two are discussed briefly below.

In a first scenario, the Russian army overwhelms the European continent. If there is any resistance, an atomic bomb is thrown at an European city. During the Second World War the Americans successfully applied this strategy. Two atomic bombs were sufficient to put Japan on the knee. Thanks to a sensible US policy, Japan then became one of the most prosperous and peaceful countries in the world. Even crime is almost non-existent in that Asian country.

In a second scenario, the extreme right seeks rapprochement with Russia. The extreme right will in fact reach the majority. This is a logical development in view of the consequences of mass immigration. Education, starting in the big cities, becomes a failure. The welfare state and healthcare will become unaffordable. Immigrants are concentrated in ghettos, from which the original inhabitants are expelled. They defend their territory by hand and tooth, so that in these no-go zones the police no longer dare to venture. The population of the ghetto is becoming increasingly radicalized. As soon as sufficient countries are ruled by the extreme right, the help of the Russian army will be called in to put things in order.

The Baltic states and the countries of Eastern Europe that have suffered under the Soviet dictatorship will naturally be reluctant to move closer to Russia. However, the argument for this has been dropped. The communist ideology has been rejected. The Russian leaders have again given the Russian Orthodox Church a central place in national identity. The right-wing forces in Europe will give the Christian ethics of our civilization the place it deserves. Christian education is exclusively intended for children of parents who are practicing members of a church. In this educational network, the elite will be formed who will later monitor Christian ethics in politics, economics and social policy. The family is central here. Traditional Western values ​​that lie at the basis of the highlights of our civilization will support the European Confederation extended with Russia. Examples are the marriage between men and women who start a family, the family ties, the cohabitation of people who share a history, a culture and Christian values.

Once there is peace in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa all immigrants will return to their countries of origin to start, with solidarity support from the Christianity inspired European Confederation, an era of peace, welfare and prosperity. Criminal illegal immigrants and terrorists will be welcomed in Siberian labor camps.

Juliaan van Acker is emeritus professor at Radboud University Nijmegen and recently published (in Dutch) ' The European-Islamic Friendship Treaty: The only way to prevent apocalypse  .

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