Existential fear prevents you from facing the truth

Hardly anyone is able to face some truths. We don't have to blame those people. Accepting those truths would undermine their entire worldview. The structures and beliefs that underpin a sense of basic security for them would be put into question. They suppress those truths for the sake of existential fear . They feel safest in their actual situation.

I've often noticed that people I've been in a good relationship with for years don't hear some of the things I say. That is very strange.

Now there are truths that people absolutely must learn to recognize because our future and that of our children and grandchildren are otherwise at stake. That insight should also lead to appropriate behavioral changes, not among a few but among the masses.

I am giving here some of those truths that most cannot accept or even hear. They create too much resistance. Only when people are confronted with the facts do they come to a new insight. However, by then it will be too late. Here some of these truths:

(1) In order to keep some degree of control over the effects of climate change, industrial activities have to be reduced by 90 percent. This can be done by manufacturing only the necessary products. We must therefore radically reduce our purchasing behaviour, preferably from today on.

(2) We must free ourselves from the dogma of economic growth. This will greatly increase unemployment, so that we have to build society differently. Networks of solidarity in the neighbourhood, the city, the country and on an international scale offer a solution here.

(3) The income, including income from movable and immovable property, may not exceed twice the average. Whoever does not distribute the wealth up there among the poor is immoral. We cannot accept that there are still so many poor people in the world with children who therefore have few opportunities to develop their talents.

(4) A man is human to the extent that he loves others unconditionally and selflessly. So there can never be an argument to divorce. That unconditionality and selflessness are the most important values that we must pass on to the next generation. Adults who do not set a good example here are failing in their most important task.

I can go on like this for a while. I limit myself to these four, because if the masses, that is to say almost everyone, would accept the above truths, we would simply make the world and humanity more dignified.

However, if we continue at the present pace, the survival of humanity will no longer make sense. Then let God intervene. It seems that what is happening on our planet right now is a harbinger of this.

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