Tribute to the white race

This ode was written so that Europe would continue to contribute to the development of humanity

What bothers me most about movements like Black Lives Matter or against White Supremacy is that it's all so negative, as if the whites are to be exterminated or enslaved. What is forgotten here is that the supreme commandment is love to one's neighbor. According to Franz Rosenzweig, this commandment cannot be laid down in law. That's because charity is a command that must be obeyed in the present tense. It is also the supreme commandment because it comes from God.

I cannot escape the impression that with the above and similar movements, Evil (Satan) is at work. Hatred does not achieve equality and justice. Equality and justice must be the intention of all movements towards a better world.

It is therefore about people of good will, of all races and ethnic groups, working for more love between the races and ethnic groups. The example of this has always been set by the Jews and the Christians and is the biblical message par excellence. As it were, a new prophet must arise to point this out to the people. According to Rosenzweig, the true content of any prophecy is fixed in the statement "This saith the Lord." The Lord asks us to love our neighbor. This is further elaborated below

The white race is the least racist of all races. White Christians took the first initiative to end to slavery in America, the Arab countries, and black Africa. If the African countries were still European colonies, the blacks now would live in an earthly paradise, and more than one hundred million Africans would have been spared from a terrible death, rape, mutilation, and famine.

 The white race has done tremendous service to humanity. Thanks to medical science, people no longer have to die screaming from unbearable pains. Millions of children can survive thanks to preventive vaccinations. From far and wide, the sick and the disabled come to Western hospitals. European doctors go to developing countries to provide the missing medical aid at risk of their lives and health.


What civilization has produced a Bach, a Mozart, a Beethoven, a Chopin, and countless other composers? Just listening to a cantata by Bach makes the creation of the universe meaningful.

Thinkers such as Spinoza, Descartes, Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Levinas, and many others have made our civilization what it is: an unparalleled combination of knowledge and wisdom that has reached all levels of the population through education. Thanks to these thinkers, the West has a lead or at least five centuries on other civilizations.

Combined with Judeo-Christian ethics, Western philosophy, which is the foundation of critical thinking and free speech, offers a path to a higher civilization for humanity. Although white civilization still has a long way to go and huge mistakes were made, we ourselves can admit guilt and forgive others. The latter is unfortunately not present in other civilizations, so that the ultimate evil keeps reappearing (see for example the difference between Chinese and European civilization in my text:

China and Western Civilization)

Artists in all kinds of fields have given invaluable creations to humanity. A visit to the Sistine Chapel or a moment of reflection on Picasso's painting "the Violin”, brings people into a spiritual trance. We are god alike.

White people have started to explore the whole world. Schools and hospitals were established in their colonies. An infrastructure was well organized, so a decent life was started in the farthest corners.

When whites ruled South Africa during the apartheid regime, about 3500 murders were committed annually. Now 24200 murders are committed there every year.

If the African countries were still European colonies, the people there would be safe, live in peace, prosperous and happy. Colonialism would have evolved into a brotherly relationship with Europe. This is not a plea for the apartheid regime or for neo-colonialism, but a call for us as white people to assume our responsibility to help achieve peace, well-being and prosperity in the Third World.


White civilization has enormous resilience. Terrible lows, which are inevitable among human beings, always have been overcome. Colonization was also abused and was unfortunately not followed by an alliance of countries that treat each other like brothers. Resistance was and is being offered to people who abuse knowledge and technology. In this civilization, good always wins over evil.

The white person can forgive. He can admit guilt. He can repent. He will try to correct his mistakes. The ethics on which his civilization is founded, inspires him to have mercy and unconditional love for his fellow human beings. For twenty centuries, hundreds of thousands of whites have pledged the vow of poverty and obedience to commit themselves unselfishly, without salary and without free time, for their fellow human beings, regardless of their origin or belief. The pinnacle of humanity was reached by the Flemish priest Damiaan, who went to live in Molokaï among the rejected lepers. Nowhere in the world does the mentally disabled find so much care and a warm welcome; the smile of the vegetatively living, profoundly mentally handicapped offers of emotion of the highest order.

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Countries with a majority of white people are the least corrupt. Democracy has put an end to extreme abuse of power. Nowhere in the world are women treated equally and with respect. Nowhere are people so free to express their opinion. Nowhere is authority so critically followed and, if necessary, corrected, without messengers being prosecuted and tortured. Nowhere else in the world are political opponents or other believers treated with so much respect, without being fired or otherwise discriminated. Nowhere in the world are criminals treated so humanely.

The balance of good and evil is so convincingly positive for the white race that we must do everything we can to keep it. The white civilization must be cherished and preserved as carefully as possible. The fate of humanity depends on it, especially now, when other races and fanatic groups have weapons of mass destruction. Thus, we must resist the constant allegations against the white race, often from the white people themselves, because the racism of the white race is insignificant compared to the racism of other races. All accusations against white people stir up the feelings of hatred against the white people, with the risk that this will escalate.

White civilization must remain steadfast to set an example for the whole world and support others in their pursuit of decent human life. Thus, nationalism and the preservation of the absolute majority of white people in Western countries are necessary for world peace. On the other hand, the muticultural society is the contemporary Tower of Babel that leads to chaos and a relapse into dark times. Only a robust white civilization can continue to serve the world. The fate of the humiliated, the trampled, the sick, the disabled, and the poor worldwide depends on solidarity that a robust white civilization will offer.

Can we not conclude from this that we must put an end to secularization and go back to the Judeo-Christian foundation of our European civilization? See my text: The Judeo-Christian source of western civilization.

Mission statement: the core idea that inspired my texts consists of three goals: (1) all children, girls and boys, must be able to receive high-quality education all over the world; (2) everywhere people should be able to live a dignified life and (3) in all countries people should be good stewards of nature.

Those in power who do not give absolute priority to these three goals bring evil into the world, that is greed, power and revenge. No missiles, but charity.

Postscript and warning

An ode to the white race is very close to an extremely dangerous and false ideology, namely that of the white race’s superiority. What matters to me is that we as Europeans are aware of what our ancestors have achieved for good and what we can do for the rest of the world. All races, all ethnic groups, and all peoples are equal. But in some countries, people are having a hard time due to the circumstances. For them, we have to use our strength. We have to show solidarity with them (for example, colonization in Africa had many wrong sides, but there were also many good whites who, often without salary, devoted themselves to education and healthcare. It would be essential if the good Europeans could once again massively engage in these areas in Africa in equal cooperation with Africans who also want to do the good for their fellow human beings).

Anyone who is bothered by this "Ode to the white race" must be aware that if Europeans are proud of their civilization and their achievements, Europe can remain a beacon of hope for those living in unworthy conditions. So no racism, no discrimination. If Europe protects its identity, Europe can show solidarity with the rest of the world.

Of course, it would be ideal if all races were to interact harmoniously. In multicultural neighborhoods, many residents treat each other in a friendly manner. Perhaps this applies to most residents. I am nevertheless very concerned. In times of severe tension and when the necessities of life are compromised, it is a struggle for survival. Biological forces or primitive instincts then prevail over ethical consciousness. In the last century, we saw in one of the most civilized countries how entire masses of people could be whipped up by a fanatic. After the First World War, the German people stood with their backs against the wall. The same will undoubtedly repeat itself when major threats come to us in this 21st century.

That is why I am arguing for a strong Europe, founded on Jewish-Christian or secular humanistic morality ,so that our continent can watch over ethics in international politics. However, multiculturalism undermines the power and identity of Europe. Moreover, it is also the ethical duty of asylum seekers and other immigrants to defend the countries of origin’s interests, especially in the harsh times ahead.

Ref. Van Acker, J. (2020). The best century ever.

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