Why was the Taliban able to defeat the West?

 Lack of vision makes the West the big loser The events in Afghanistan prove how terribly stupid things are in international politics. A small Taliban army met no resistance from the regular Afghan army of 300,000, heavily armed by the Americans. Twenty years of NATO intervention has yielded nothing. Radical Muslims in the West will be inspired by the Taliban victory, because the West is weak. 

The main reason for this is that no vision is possible in international politics. Everyone is involved. The Taliban has a clear goal and inspires the followers. The European Union also has no vision and is therefore powerless in the face of the challenges facing us in this century. We need not have any illusions about tackling the climate crisis. The chance that desperation will prevail in a continuing pandemic is not inconceivable. As far as mass immigration is concerned, it is already clear that if Christianity disappears, Islam will take its place.

If we want to save and preserve Western civilization, we need a vision that contains the foundations of this civilization and that is supported by the political rulers. Each European must strictly guard its own identity and conduct a consistent policy on the basis of that vision. Only a sovereign country can express its own vision. A European Confederation of Sovereign Countries can therefore provide the best response to the challenges of this century. The United Nations must be shut down, because that's where the henchmen of the villains are who tyrannize and rob their own people. With their voting and veto rights, they make any just policy impossible. 

What should we defend and aim for: 

1. Our shared norms and values ​​that have been developed over the past centuries (equal rights for women and men, absolute freedom of expression, freedom of religious and ideological belief, separation of church and state, social mobility, parliamentary democracy, … ). 

 2. Our institutions that previous generations have built, to which mainly the indigenous population has contributed and which make our well-being and prosperity possible. These institutions are now being eroded by mass immigration. 

 3. Immigrants who come from a culture opposite to ours must return en masse to rebuild their countries of origin and take up their responsibilities there. 

If these three points are not realized, the Middle East will become an even bigger mess, terrorist attacks will ravage the West and the misery in black Africa will not end.

In order to make a consistent policy possible, it is important that every European country builds up a strong army so that a consistent policy can indeed be conducted based on a vision. For example, the joint armies will be able to assist the immigrants on their return, provide them with military training and help build up the countries of origin. Concrete example: European armies occupy an area of ​​North Africa to make an airlift possible and from there the immigrants return to their countries of origin. Solidarity from the West in developing the Third World will continue and be more successful because well-skilled immigrants will be the performers.

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