Who are the people of goodwill?

A guide for the education of children and awareness of adults

Most people want to be of good will, but they are not. That is because of ignorance, or a lack of thought, or because of the fascination of the issues of the day, or as a result of deception by a fanatic. In all peoples, races, ethnic groups, the vast majority of people want to be of goodwill. This also applies to the followers of any religion and ideology(*). It belongs to the essence of man to be of good will, to do good for his fellow men, to be just and honest. Yet there is much injustice, evil and suffering in the world.

To really be of goodwill, the child must learn this during education and the adults must become more aware of the consequences of their behavior.What people know in old age, people would have liked - in retrospect - to have known as a young adult. That is why this short guide explains what it means to be of goodwill. The examples below are not limitative. This guide aims to provide food for thought. Everyone can come up with new examples themselves.

1. People of goodwill marry one another, stay together until death separates them and have two or three children to help sustain humanity. Thanks to their lasting and unconditional relationship with each other, they set a good example. They offer the future generation security, warmth and safety.

2. People of good will do no harm to others, either physically or psychologically. They refrain from scolding and defamation in social media. They think carefully before making a judgment or expressing criticism. Among others they see their positive qualities and talents, which they also emphasize and give them a chance.

3. People of goodwill do not put their self-interest first, but find the meaning of their life in the service of others. Not their ego is the center of their existence, but the Other. Their motto is solidarity. When others appeal to them, they always respond. If necessary, their service is free for those who can hardly afford it. Those who work in the healthcare sector do not accept waiting lists, but, if necessary, sacrifice free time to help others. The Other always has absolute priority.

4. Managers of goodwill ensure that every employee can fully develop her or his talents. The employees ensure, together with the manager, a solidary team where every member is respected and, if necessary, receives proper guidance and support.

5. People of goodwill do not emigrate, do not flee their country or return, if the danger has somewhat diminished, to help build their country.

6. People of goodwill respect the beliefs of others. Their only criticism consists of setting a good example themselves.


7. People of goodwill act with respect for life and nature. With each act they first ask whether it can be justified. This means that they eat little or no meat, do not throw away waste, help make good stewardship on our planet, do not undertake unnecessary journeys, drastically limit car use, generally lead a sober life to enjoy the people around them and to their own environment.


8. People of good will refuse exorbitant salaries and bonuses. They support a political policy where a maximum income is set that is never more than ten times the minimum income of employees. What they earn above this maximum is allocated to charities in order to alleviate poverty and misery in their own country and in developing countries. Returning refugees are given micro-credits to support their economic initiatives.

9. People of good will buy every time when possible, only products from their own country. They encourage craftsmanship and biodynamic agriculture.They do not go along with the so-called hypes, do not throw anything away prematurely and keep their devices as long as possible.

10. People of goodwill do not use drugs because they know how drug trafficking promotes serious crime. They also drink little or no alcohol to prevent them from losing control of themselves and hurting their partner or others.

11. Children are taught to be of good will by taking good care of others, not bullying, showing compassion and being helpful. The adults stimulate the children by setting the example of people who respect others, who see the positive qualities in each other and who always prioritize the interests of others.

12. Children and adolescents of goodwill make every effort to develop their talents so that they can later contribute to society. They treat their peers in a friendly manner and prove their good will by being attentive to children and adolescents who are lonely or threatened to fall out of the boat.Young people can even set an example to adults, as concerned citizens who, where possible, set up solidarity actions and organize activities for their peers.

Adhering to these rules does not mean that life will become boring. On the contrary, the more people who will respect these rules, the more meaningful our lives will become and the closer we will get to a Garden of Eden, where people and animals live together in harmony in an unspoiled nature. Thanks to these rules we can free ourselves from the enchantment of materialism and narcissism. It is the people of goodwill who can make humanity mature(**).


(*) A key question would be whether this also applies to an ideology such as National Socialism. My answer: the supporters of this ideology are so stupid to think that they are of good will; for example, because they stand up for their country and people and that a minority must therefore be exterminated and opponents must be silenced with brutal force. Another explanation is that the National Socialists were swept up by threatening circumstances by a fanatic fool. From what follows, I make clear what "being of good will " really means. Did not the Jewish people bring this meaning to humanity?

(**) Are there bad people? These are people who are not of good will. These are people who, instead of bringing us closer to the Garden of Eden, make the world a hell. These people are guilty of terrorism, murder and other forms of violence. In the name of a true religion, people can never be sacrificed; the latter is the work of Satan. The opposite of goodwill is violence against people and against nature with its fauna and flora.

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