Covid-19 and democracy


The measures taken to combat the corona pandemic are mandatory. Vaccination is even an obligation for some professional groups. Without a vaccination certificate, the freedom of citizens is restricted. Until recently, it was unimaginable that in democratic countries citizens would come under such strong government control. I am not talking here about the necessity of the mandatory measures. We face other challenges in this century. Here too, very drastic measures will have to be taken. The question is what will remain of our democratic freedom. In this text I give a brief overview of which measures are necessary in my opinion. I fear that within a democracy this will not work. Nevertheless, I would like to point out at the end that the necessary measures can lead to greater psychological well-being.

In previous texts I have often pointed out the need for individuals to change their behavior massively and radically in order to get through this 21st century. You don't have to be a doomsayer to see what's coming or to see what's already developing. Humanity faces disasters of unprecedented magnitude. The worst part is that this is a man-made apocalypse. The solution will not come from governments or international organizations and action groups: it is the citizens themselves who must take responsibility.

That is why I would like to indicate what this massive and radical change in behavior MUST entail. I limit myself to a few examples to show how serious it is.

First, we really need to stop buying products we don't really need. Industrial production worldwide must be reduced by at least 90 percent. This also applies to food: limit yourself as strictly as possible to local products, so that intensive agriculture and livestock farming simply disappear, as well as the international trade in food products (meat, vegetables, fruit). Anyone who still eats meat every day is a person who does not know what responsibility is.

Secondly, we must stop traveling and limit ourselves to contacts with neighboring countries. So tourism in our own country or in neighboring countries. No more international events. Air traffic must absolutely be reduced by 99 percent. Anyone who still books a plane trip is simply stupid and blind to what is to come.

Thirdly, the misery in the Third World must end. All immigrants, even those who have been here for four generations, must return to their countries of origin to build those countries there. They receive solidarity support from the richer countries. Asylum seekers no longer exist, they are people fleeing responsibility for their own people.

Fourth, there must be an end to exorbitant salaries. Above a maximum income, including income from immovable and movable property, a tax rate of 100 percent applies. That tax money is spent on building up Third World countries (education, health care, employment). This also applies to football players. He who is rich and does not give, be damned.

Fifth, space research will be discontinued. The pharmaceutical industry is also limited to the core tasks and for a few decades we are satisfied with the level that we have now reached. Research is limited to drugs to prevent or address new pandemics. The arms industry is limited to the production of defensive weapons for its own country. Countries that export weapons are now rogue states.

I hope this has made it clear enough how serious the situation is. All the measures proposed here should be self-evident to people who behave as adults.

Nevertheless, I am optimistic: in the foreseeable future the situation will escalate to such an extent that humanity will realize that it cannot continue like this and that the above measures are self-evident. In addition to the five measures, there will be many others along the same lines. For example, you can look further on my website, on this page or on the texts  at the bottom of this page.

A second reason to be optimistic is the happiness that the new, radically different lifestyle will bring. The more people participate, the clearer it will become how meaningful life becomes compared to the materialism and consumerism of the past. Social relations will become stronger. There is more attachment to the people in the neighborhood or village. Nature will blossom and we will enjoy what our environment has to offer. Immigrants who have returned will enable pride in their own country. African countries will have soccer teams with the best soccer players in the world.

PS. Note: governments are enthusiastically announcing the construction of giant wind farms in the North Sea. So this should be the solution for clean energy. But how much pollution will the production, installation, maintenance, recycling of those windmills and other ancillary activities cause? This example proves that our heads of government lack insight into the problem. In addition, we cause enormous environmental damage. In line with what I propose, the solution lies in a frugal lifestyle, so that we need less energy. The solution is therefore in the hands of you and I. The proposal for larg wind farms gave me the impulse to write the above, out of anger at so much stupidity.

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