Israel and Europe: a beacon of peace and prosperity for the world

The fate of the world depends on the Jews and the Europeans. The ethics brought by Judaism and Christianity in the world is the best that humanity has ever known. In this ethics, not the Me is the center of the world, but the Other. That means that it is not our self-interest that is given priority, but the love and responsibility for our fellow people. We find this, for example, in the development of medical science or in free thinking that has led to many high points in our philosophical and psychological insight. The share of the Jews in the development of civilization is phenomenal. Europe has a level of well-being, prosperity and a degree of justice that no other continent has ever achieved.

The Jews and the Europeans fulfill the mission to which man is called. Now we are at a turning point in history. The other continents must decide whether or not to adopt our ethics. That is purely their responsibility. We only have to set an example without interfering with other countries and continents. We do not have to point others out to respect human rights (this means a radical change in international politics and diplomacy).

In order to continue to fulfill our vocation, Israel will be the country of the Jews and Europe the continent of Europeans. Together we must form a confederation of independent nations working together in the fields of defense, the economy, culture and science. We must stand up for our own civilization, in order to be a beacon of hope for the entire world. All immigrants, including their descendants, must therefore return to the countries of origin. Ethics requires that they assume their responsibility for their own culture. If they want to take our civilization as an example, they must decide for themselves. If they want our help, they can ask for it.

The fact is that a powerful Israel and a strong Europe will be a beacon of peace and prosperity for the whole world. But there is more: Judaism and Christianity teach that it is not the human being who is the alpha and omega of the cosmos. There is a higher power that created the All. That higher power has given the cosmos and all life a meaning. We find this meaning in our ethics. The ultimate and absolute meaning is Love.

If mankind denies that meaning, the cosmos loses all sense and God will leave us. This is the ultimate reason for Israel and Europe to do their utmost to respect the ethics given by a higher power.

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