The influence of climate change on human behavior

Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus (*)


Climate change will force us to take radical political, economic and social measures. The industrial production must be shut down substantially. Society will be founded on volunteer work. Social cohesion will be achieved thanks to the citizens who have a lasting bond with each other. Spirituality will replace materialism and greed. Thanks to the acceptance of a new sense of life, Europe and the Great Islamic Caliphate will become the new world powers. The United States and Latin America fall into an endless civil war. China and India will remain Third World countries for centuries.

The natural life

Barely one hundred and twenty years ago, when my father was a child, there was no electricity. Across the country drove no more than a few hundred cars. Almost nobody had a telephone. Radio did not yet exist and television did not even feature in the wildest visions of the future. People continued to live in the neighborhood where their ancestors had lived. Only a few went on a journey. Almost no one had traveled further than the nearest city. I never heard from my father that people were unhappy at the time.

That is not so very long ago. I myself belong to the last generation that did not grow up with television. I remember the winter evenings when we sat around the stove, while an old uncle talked about what he had experienced during the First and Second World War. We could never get enough of those stories, even though we had heard them countless times.

When the first televisions came on the market, TV sets were placed in shop windows and on the street dozens of people followed what was on screen. In this way people were motivated to buy a television. From then on everything went very quickly. And it goes faster and faster. Who could have suspected in the nineties that now everyone is staring at his smartphone everywhere and always. Internet has opened a world for us that was previously unimaginable. People can stay in touch with the rest of the world through social media. People in the farthest corners of the world can be reached. In the past, social life was limited to a small circle of family members and neighbors in the neighborhood or village.

Not long ago, people lived happily in their own neighborhood or village. Family life was intense. The food came from their own country and people ate what was available per season. There was hardly any waste. The sky was pure, the sky unspoiled blue and in the night we saw the stars.

The end of industry and pollution

Thanks to climate change we will rediscover natural life. People will change their behavior drastically. The air pollution is so huge, the temperature becomes unbearable in large parts of the world in certain seasons, hurricanes rage with unprecedented force, one after the other tidal waves engulf coastal areas, so that every country is forced to take the most radical measures.

The industrial production is substantially reduced. Land, sea and air transportation is reduced to a minimum. There are no cars anymore. We will live again like one hundred and twenty years ago. We do, however, ensure that healthcare remains of the same quality as it is at the beginning of the 21st century. Education remains accessible to everyone. Internet continues to function properly. The pharmaceutical industry is kept to a minimum. We are satisfied with the medical options that we now have. Scientific research may no longer be at the expense of nature. Space travel is being stopped.

The Mammon is no longer worshiped

Wealth and prosperity no longer make sense in these times. With money you can no longer buy anything, except what is necessary for vital necessities. A maximum income, including the income from real estate and from investments, is set and accepted by everyone. There is a basic income for all adults. This basic income is linked to voluntary work in the so-called ’Solidarity Networks’. People in these networks work on a voluntary basis in, for example, health care, care for the elderly, care for the disabled and student counseling. Citizens can rely on this network for doing odd jobs around the house. Other volunteers work in biodynamic agriculture, in nature and landscape protection or in the care of the cultural heritage. Old landscapes are being restored. Industrial grounds and highways are transformed into nature reserves. Art, theater and other artistic activities are made possible thanks to the support from the networks of solidarity. International sports competions are no longer organized, with the result that local  competions flourish like never before.

After their training, all young women and men perform compulsory civil service for two years. Those who have not completed any training can still follow practical vocational training during their civil service. The conscripts are employed by the army, police and customs. The restriction of transport makes it virtually impossible to import drugs. At the borders, thanks to the large number of customs officers, every person and every package is checked. The police are present everywhere in sufficient numbers. Crime hardly gets another chance, especially because social control has increased considerably; people stay in their own social environment. Never before have citizens felt so secure. Climate change is seen by many as a gift from God to lead humanity back to the Garden of Eden.

Political shifts

Stopping the industrial activities and transport has a major impact on employment and social relations. In Europe, one coup follows after the other. In view of the food shortages, the government is forced to implement a strict policy. Only citizens whose ancestors lived in Europe in 1900 are entitled to a basic income. They are given priority in all facilities.

The Muslims no longer feel at home in Europe and return en masse to the countries of origin. Thanks to their arrival, the right measures are being taken in those countries for food supplies, mutual solidarity and for the safety of citizens.

The result of these developments is that two superpowers arise. On the one hand, a white and Muslim-free Europe that is booming in the cultural field. On the other hand, the Great Islamic Caliphate that finally brings peace, well-being and prosperity to the Middle East. Both superpowers conclude a friendship treaty with each other. This agreement lays the foundation for an ethically inspired world politics. Europeans and Muslims work together to bring peace, well-being and prosperity to black Africa.

Jerusalem becomes the spiritual capital for both world powers. In this holy city Christianity, humanism, Islam and Judaism enter into an ongoing dialogue. Jerusalem inspires the people all over the world in their search for wisdom and contemplation.

A permanent civil war

As a result of the spread of firearms among the population, a permanent civil war is starting in the United States, which later in history will be described as the ’Hundred Years Civil War’. White Americans are migrating en masse to the continent of their ancestors, that is Europe that has now become Muslim-free. South America is experiencing the same disastrous development and is becoming the battlefield for a permanent war between criminal gangs.

Stagnation in the Far East

China and India remain Third World countries for hundreds of years. That is because of a sharp drop in the birth rate, desertification, water shortages and uncontrollable epidemics. The decline of China was already underway as a result of robotization and automation, which made hundreds of millions of people unemployed (**).


The fate of humanity will depend on an ethical revival. Peoples who have the courage to put an end to materialism and the greed for money will lead humanity into the new Garden of Eden. The 21st century then becomes the century of spirituality.

PS The predictions in this article spontaneously occurred to me on the night of 27 to 28 June 2019. In those days, the temperature in France rose to 45.1 degrees Celsius or 113.18 degrees Fahrenheit.

(*)  We hope for better things; it will rise from the ashes

(**)  China can escape this fate if radical political-economic measures are taken. Examples are the seizure of bank credits, an equal basic income for everyone and an equitable distribution of what is necessary for vital needs

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