Black Lives Matter is a satanic movement

tweet: „Freud pointed to man's repressed hostility to civilization. The current smear campaign against whites is an example of this. So we will fall back into a more primitive society. What consequences for education, politics, social interaction? Already visible? "

What bothers me most about movements like Black Lives Matter or against White Supremacy is that it's all so negative, as if the whites are to be exterminated or enslaved. What is forgotten here is that the supreme commandment is love to one's neighbor. According to Franz Rosenzweig, this commandment cannot be laid down in law. That's because charity is a command that must be obeyed in the present tense. It is also the supreme commandment because it comes from God.

I cannot escape the impression that with the above and similar movements, Evil (Satan) is at work. Hatred does not achieve equality and justice. Equality and justice must be the intention of all movements towards a better world.

It is therefore about people of good will, of all races and ethnic groups, working for more love between the races and ethnic groups. The example of this has always been set by the Jews and the Christians and is the biblical message par excellence. As it were, a new prophet must arise to point this out to the people. According to Rosenzweig, the true content of any prophecy is fixed in the statement "This saith the Lord." The Lord asks us to love our neighbor. This is further elaborated below.

Black Lives Matter is a satanic movement that creates hatred and division among the whites. This threatens the white race to lose sight of the vocation of Western civilization. This vocation is to bring liberty, fraternity, and equality into the world. Black Lives Matter is vengeance, a call for revenge and retribution, and nothing constructive comes out. This movement reminds me of the years that I worked as an educationalist in Congo. There, too, a small group of hate sowers could knock over an entire country. The atrocities that then happened and are still spreading in Eastern Congo are a thousand times what would have happened under King Leopold II.

 We have a moral duty to stop Black Lives Matter. In countries where the whites are in the majority, there is the least racism; gays and women have the most freedom; wealth is the fairest distributed; nowhere is there more freedom of expression; nowhere are prisoners treated so humane; nowhere is high-quality health care available to all. Indeed, liberty, fraternity, and equality are best realized in Western countries. We must protect and cherish this at all costs. If hatred wins, then the West, that is the white race, can fail in its vocation to bring liberty, fraternity, and equality worldwide.

There can be not enough warning against the ill effects of the anti-racism debate. It all seems so beautiful:

- treating all races equally

- not discriminating against anyone because of their origin or skin color

- opening the borders for all those who flee from countries where people are treated as slaves, are discriminated against, persecuted, or have no prospects

The problem is that if we don't do it, we should feel guilty. Here there is confusion between our ethical duty and what is within our means. When what is expected of us exceeds what is possible for us, resistance arises. In this way, we enter a vicious circle: equal treatment for everyone leads to frustration, frustration leads to racism, and then comes the compulsion to treat everyone equally.

 A few examples can clarify this. When immigrant children are warmly welcomed at a school, the teacher's attention should, in the long run, mainly go to those children. They do not know the language, and their intellectual development is insufficiently stimulated at home. Parents of white children move out; if necessary, they move to a village away from the city. There is discrimination between white and black schools. The government is attempting to force white parents to enroll their children in schools with many immigrant students.

The housing shortage is another striking example. The more houses are allocated to asylum seekers, the higher the frustration among white people who have been on the waiting list for years. The government forces municipalities to provide asylum seekers with housing in the name of equal treatment for every citizen. The natives feel unevenly treated, and that feeling is justified.

Anti-racism is lovely as long as there is enough money to satisfy everyone. The latter comes to an end. In the autumn, it will become clear which disaster on the labor market results from the corona pandemic. Many billions must be spent in the coming years to deal with the effects of climate change. The money has to come from somewhere. As we have known it for decades, the end of the welfare state seems to be in sight. Who will be blamed for that?

Where is the solution? The fate of the world is in the hands of the righteous. Only they can silence the haters. Here is a task for our heads of government and the church communities. It goes wrong when they join the satanic forces that sow hatred and division. We need leaders who return pride in our civilization, stand up for Western civilization's ideals, and inspire citizens to defend our traditions and values.  

Mission statement: the core idea that inspired my texts consists of three goals: (1) all children, girls and boys, must be able to receive high-quality education all over the world; (2) everywhere people should be able to live a dignified life and (3) in all countries people should be good stewards of nature.

Those in power who do not give absolute priority to these three goals bring evil into the world, that is greed, power and revenge. No missiles, but charity.

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Philosophical and ethical note 

I am not concerned with the superiority of Christianity and Judaism. In every civilization there is something great, because in every civilization most people are of goodwill. What matters to me is that people are responsible for their own civilization. This does not have to be an obstacle to solidarity between countries or continents, for example in areas where people are oppressed, do not have the opportunity to develop and therefore cannot fully assume their responsibility.

Responsibility for one's own civilization is becoming more and more vital in this century. We don't have to be doomsayers to see the terrible challenges we face and the consequences of which we are already experiencing. There is a risk that biological forces will drag the masses away. Under given circumstances, it is impossible for most people to resist (see what happened in nazi Germany, one of the most civilized countries). In this case, we create the Apocalypse ourselves.

One of the most pressing challenges is education in Africa, the Islamic countries and South America (which also applies to education for blacks in the US and immigrants in Europe). The situation becomes even more dramatic with the corona pandemic. Who can change this? Isn't the responsibility here with the immigrants who have left those countries? Are black people not responsible for the well-being of their children? And can the West support them in this? If this does not improve, the situation there will become even more miserable for ordinary people.

How can we motivate people to take responsibility? Rationally an immigrant is better off staying here. Rationally, we must stand up for our self-interest. But in addition to Reason, there is also the voice of God who calls us to do good for our neighbor. This is about the choice between a finite dimension of our life or an infinite dimension. If we choose the former with Reason, our life ends in Nothingness. If we hear the voice of God, then Eternity is our destiny. 

With Reason we seek the satisfaction of our needs. When the need is satisfied, our search ends until another need arises. Listening to the appeal of God creates in us an infinite desire. A desire is never satisfied, but becomes more and more intense. Like  Love.

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