If Europe retains its identity, there will be world peace

" Let us go down and confuse their language so that they no longer understand each other. Thus the Lord spread them from all over the earth from there. They stopped building the city ” (Genesis 11: 7-8)

The goal set here as a priority is how to avoid in the 21st century a repeat of the horrors of the 20th century. In positive terms: the 21st century can be the century of spirituality where humanity will be  ethically inspired.

With ethics we think of (1) banning hunger and extreme poverty all over the world; (2) making good health care accessible to all and (3) giving all children the opportunity to receive proper education so that each child can develop her of his own talents.

There are other goals that can be considered as important. However, we give priority to the above three objectives, as it offers the basic conditions to develop ones own country.

The accessibility of these targets is confirmed by the fact that the vast majority of people, 90 à 95 percent, are of good will. This applies to all races and ethnic groups. Most people want to contribute to society and are open for solidarity with others.

However, the problem is that about five percent of people are anti-social, behaviorally disturbed and sometimes simply psychopathic. This manifests itself in greed, lust for power, oppression of others, racism, egocentrism and a great lack of empathy or compassion.

Another obstacle towards more ethics in society are biological forces which operate in adverse conditions. The above 95 percent is not immune to these diabolical forces. In a dramatic economic recession, rising unemployment, war and imminent shortages, humans become a herd animal. The most well-known example is National Socialism that led in the last century to absolute Evil in one of the highest civilized countries of the world.

Similar dramatic circumstances can occur in this century. What will be the further consequences of climate change? When will mass immigration stop? How will it end with the sky-high debts of many countries? How long can we continue to exploit the natural resources now that we are using up five planets when we only have one planet? We must therefore be prepared for the worst, because a disaster of unprecedented magnitude might come.

There are several strategies to avoid a repetition of the absolute Evil. The chose of strategies depends on one’s own philosophy of life, one’s own ideology and one’s own political preference. This text is based on the assumption that Jewish-Christian ethics offers a unique opportunity to keep the world decent for all people. This ethic can be accepted by agnostics, by atheists or by the adherents of other religions. Jewish-Christian ethics contain norms that form the basis of Western civilization and cause immigrants to prefer to settle in Western countries. These norms include: selfless charity, faithfulness in relationships, no killing, no stealing, being in the service of the Other without demanding a return service. With these standards, the earth becomes an Earthly Paradise.

The West has often violated its own ethical standards. This is especially the case when the antisocial and egoistic five percent held too much power in their hands. Which unfortunately is often the case. Or there are times when the vital needs of people are at stake, so that they start responding according to their instincts.

Given the challenges we face in the 21st century, a radical political policy will be needed to make ethics prevail over biological forces. For that reason we come here to a number of proposals that can provoke a lot of resistance. However, these are proposals, resulting from years of study, clinical experience and reflection, that are submitted for discussion. The fact remains that without radical measures we must fear the worst for the coming period.

What I propose can be compared to what happened at the time of the Flood and the Tower of Babel. In short, the Flood teaches that the family is the cornerstone of society and that man must be a good steward over nature. Noah moved into the ark with his family and brought a couple of all the animal species. The Tower of Babel teaches that when all peoples come together and mix, a great chaos eventually breaks out. After that every people returns to their country to make a new start, where their own language and identity are preserved.

These ancient wisdoms are a beacon for our time. I therefore put the following strategy for making the 21st century the best century ever:

  1. Every nation, every ethnic group and every race returns to the countries of origin. For example, if all blacks and Muslims who have grown up and been educated in the West return to black Africa and the Middle East, civilization will flourish, education and health care will come to an end, and tribal wars and sectarian feuds will end.
  2. The only way to save nature and keep planet Earth habitable is good stewardship. This requires a radical lifestyle change. Citizens must consciously opt for a sober lifestyle. The focus is on keeping the environment livable. Old landscapes are being restored. Meat consumption is kept to a minimum. Every country tries to become self-sufficient as far as possible. Holidays are spent in their own country or in neighboring countries. International sporting events are being replaced by local competitions.
  3. The nuclear family, the broader family and neighborhood life are experiencing a new boom. A ' network of solidarity ' is created in every neighborhood . These networks are intended to provide help where needed. That can range between student counseling, child welfare, care for the elderly, repairs of household appliances or volunteering in biodynamic agriculture.
  4. Some networks of solidarity work at an international level to support developing countries and to eliminate poverty.
  5. Thanks to these networks there is no longer any unemployment. The economy is no longer based on economic growth, but on solidarity, volunteering and barter. There will be a maximum income. This means the end of the bewitchment by the Mammon. Working time is limited so that parents can raise their children themselves, and so that citizens can contribute in their free time to the local networks of solidarity.
  6. As far as possible, Europe tries to play an exemplary role thanks to the Judeo-Christian ethics on which European civilization is founded. The European countries form a confederation, so that each country can retain its own identity and at the same time cooperate with the other European countries in the field of defense, economy and international politics. Europe withdraws from international organizations such as the United Nations, but cooperates in solidarity with the countries that ask for it. In this way, initiative and responsibility remain with the European countries themselves.

Europe as an association of countries which strive for an ethically founded civilization, will once again become a cradle for the whole world, which inspires people for the Good. The world after Babel and the Flood, in other words: the world after the return of all immigrants to the countries of origin and after the catastrophic world disaster, will be the world of the good life in the family, with the own people in an environment and a nature that has regained their old pristine state and diversity.

November 1, 2019

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