A politics for the 21st century

Mission statement (update April 10, 2021)

The question that has priority is the following: What can we do (on a political, social and individual level) to ensure that all children, girls and boys, in the Middle East and Black Africa receive a good education, that in those countries there is good health care accessible to everyone, that there is sufficient employment, that the police ensures safety and the government ensures the equitable distribution of wealth? The Left has no answer for this.

Ever since the independence of those countries, more than half a century ago, the situation has been just as dire. The Left is therefore guilty.

The correct answer may come from the conservative right. Unfortunately, this is being prevented for the time being because the Left is silencing the conservative-right and accusing it of colonialism and systemic racism. Adolescents are indoctrinated while we actually need their energy and idealism.

I am convinced that the whites in Europe and the US are the only ones who can constructively make the world more humane; not because they are superior to other races, but because of the legacy of 400 years of Enlightenment and the Judeo-Christian foundation of their ethics.

Who are the real racists who are holding back the development towards more civilization in the Middle East and Black Africa?

We are faced with gigantic challenges in this 21st century. The Covid-19 pandemic is one such example. This pandemic can be ineradicable or new epidemics are coming. The consequences of climate change are already beginning to emerge. Other natural disasters are looming. It is not about doom prophecy, but about objective challenges for which humanity must know to find a humane response.

Unfortunately, we are seeing increasing polarization. Populists can take advantage of this. A misunderstood nationalism or a psychopathological form of it can lead to a struggle of all against all, each for himself. However, we are not powerless: the vast majority of people are of good will and want to show solidarity with others who are struggling. This willingness to help applies to all cultures, all races and ethnicities, all religions and most ideologies.

The goal is to make the 21st century the best century ever. To many this will seem like an illusion or a pious wish. Yet, despite all the calamity that befalls us, the majority in all countries are able to prove that solidarity or charity always prevails. When we are less fortunate from a materialistic point of view, connection between people can be the salvation. The 21st century can become the century of spirituality.

How can this be achieved? My proposal is that all immigrants return to their countries of origin out of solidarity. They alone are able to bring peace, well-being and prosperity to those countries, with solidarity from the West. Then it becomes possible that the challenges of the 21st century can also be overcome in those countries. Here Europe can demonstrate its solidarity with the Islamic countries and black Africa. North America does the same with Latin America.

It is a spiritual movement that is blowing all over the world. The white race can play a pioneering role here and set an example for humanity. Reason and wisdom will go together. The Enlightenment combined with a humane ethic will bring every nation, ethnic group and each continent to a higher level of civilization. Love must and will overcome.

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