Covid-19 cannot be controlled

The covid-19 virus is a natural virus that was manipulated in a laboratory in Wuhan to make it stronger for biological warfare purposes. Due to human error, this genetically engineered virus has escaped into the outside world. 

 The virus' strength lies in its rapid worldwide spread combined with an endless series of mutations. A vaccine cannot cope with this, although a certain mutation can be temporarily slowed down. Until a new mutation shows up. This means that we will never be delivered from covid-19, as has been the case with HIV for more than 40 years.

We must therefore prepare for a different way of life. In essence, this means creating a self-sufficient environment where our vital needs can be met, where the sick can be cared for and where everyone contributes to food supply, homeland security or the defense of national borders. 


Travel, international gatherings or events, tourism and the like are gone forever. International politics no longer makes sense, so organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, Unicef, the European Union, etc. are abolished. Every sovereign country has to figure it out for itself. At most, trade agreements can be made for the import and export of goods necessary for vital needs. These goods are transported without human interactions. 

Legal and illegal immigration must be brought to a radical end, if necessary with gun violence. Political dissidents should (unfortunately) know that asylum applications will never be honored. They can try to bring about change in their own country through legal and prudent means. International courts are disappearing. Each sovereign country makes its own laws. 

 Some reflections on this text (update January 18, 2021)

 1. Isn't an international approach necessary for tackling climate change? This international approach is characterized by longer-term plans, while CO2 emissions continue indefinitely and even increase in large parts of the world. With the alternative way of life proposed above, 80 percent of polluting industrial production can be shut down. Because there will be hardly any traffic in the air, at sea and on the roads, another cause of air pollution will be radically reduced. 

 2. This new way of life requires that people in every sovereign country show solidarity with each other and that the conditions are in place to remain psychologically healthy. Solidarity and psychological health depend on the connection with each other, this is the feeling that others care about you and the willingness of every citizen to behave responsibly. People are connected by a common history, a common tradition and culture, a common ethic and a laws of the sovereign land that the people adhere to. For that reason, all immigrants will return to their countries of origin, in the culture in which they belong. They will bear their responsibility  with the people with whom they feel connected. This is a repeat of the story of the Tower of Babel.

3. What will happen if the hospitals have to select due to corona?

We should dare to think about what should happen if the corona pandemic gets out of hand and hospitals have to make strict choices about who will be admitted. Suppose there is also a terrible terrorist attack by Muslims and, on top of that, a disaster threatens as a result of climate change. Then playtime is over. Suppose that the government or the power that took over government with a coup d'etat takes the following measures:

- the hospitals only take in patients belonging to the indigenous population, pensioners who have contributed to health insurance over a long career, adults who have been participating in the labor market for many years and children. Unemployed and disabled people are excluded from this care out of necessity.

- State expenditure is reserved for those who actively participate in the economy. Illegals and all immigrants who live on benefits lose their benefits and are deported to the countries of origin. If those countries refuse to accept them, those countries will be temporarily occupied by our army to organize an airlift.

- all Muslims must leave Europe.

This is, by way of example, to think about what might await us in times when extreme measures are forced to be taken to save what can still be saved.

The above is terrible, but we are living in Biblical times because all mankind is under threat. During the Flood, the world's population was completely destroyed, except for one family. In the chaos that ensued at the Tower of Babel, all nations left. These lessons from the Bible may apply again.

With these terrible measures, we have to remember the following: if all immigrants return to their countries of origin, those countries will flourish. For example, if all the African and Muslim doctors who now work in the West return, health care will finally be built up in the developing countries. The return of all creative technicians and academics will greatly improve education and boost economic activity. The measures mentioned above can make the 21st century the best century ever!

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